Politics has lost its wings!

So in the midst of the battle raging between BUCF and BULS this week, I thought I would perhaps bring the debate round to something maybe not quite so petty!!

A lot of the mud being thrown around, has been accusing each other of being too left wing or too right wing. However, is the argument in modern politics really about that anymore. I would say that it isn’t really.

David Willets has explained that almost a reflection of our business based industry now is it is how our parties are marketed, so for example its like to Whisky companies battling it out, they are both the same product with slight differences of course, but it is down to how it is marketed. I think this is a very true point of view, the next leader of the Labour Party I think will be David Milliband (as to why, well that’s a debate for a different day) but then we could have three leaders of the party who share a great deal in common. All under 45, all Oxbridge educated, all had some sort of politics workings straight after Uni, their outside job experience is on PR/Marketing and Media fields and they will all have been MPs for a relatively short period of time.

I think this underpins the argument of politics losing its wings. The debate becoming far more centralised.

 A lot of people say to about politics and who to vote for ‘their all the same, there’s no difference.’ I of course disagree but that’s because I look at the detail, for what its worth I think that at the next election, the biggest difference between Labour and the Conservatives will be over centralisation and individualisation.

 We will be arguing for giving people the power back whereas Brown will be advocating Whitehall Supremacy!

I hope we win because I believe when the election is called we will be ready, and it will be time to give power back to the people!!


One thought on “Politics has lost its wings!

  1. Sometimes you guys are a disgrace. Both the Labour Party and the country it runs are in a financially ruinous position. The wheels are falling off left, right and centre. Those in government appear prepared to do and say anything to retain power and this is the extent of your analysis.

    Forget the US election (which is still close to a year away) and start examining the situation closer to home. You’re a conservative blog, so start kicking government arse.

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