Valentine’s Day . . . Bah Humbug!!

Here comes a really whine, A) its been annoying me all day and B) its another great distraction from my essay, title: Has the Study of Postmodernism been a good thing for Political Science? (Any advice would be appreciated in the comments!)

Has Valentine’s day become the most commercial ever?? It really really bugs me, it is completely rubbed in people’s faces all day, I was annoyed when Google had changed their image, however, I just lost all rationality when I saw that on the WordPress homepage they had also put a little heart in the corner!

I tried to get a Birthday Card for a friend today, shes going to be disappointed as there are none to be seen, not unless I decide to cross out Valentine’s and put Birthday there in place!

 It strikes me as awfully American as everywhere I walk today everything has to be Valentine’s themed!!

So me and some of the single lads in my house are going out to paint the town red this evening (but definitely not Valentine’s red) but oh no wait, I have to pay an extra pound this evening because its ‘Valentine’s Special!’ Oh give me a break!!

If they are couples let them stay in and cook meals for one another and etc.

Please let us singletons enjoy at least a night on the town!!

I promise I will write a happy post tomorrow :-)

Update: I log onto Youtube to try and find a video taking the mickey out of V day and yep you guessed it . . .


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day . . . Bah Humbug!!

  1. A fair and balance arguement there old boy. I’m glad to see that you managed to restrain all bias, and provide a well weighted debate on the pros and cons of this day dedicated to the Saint Valentine. I agree with the extremely subtile uncurrent you implied regarding the over commercialisation of this day, and the blatent profit chasing enterprisation (if thats a word) of certain businesses but i must also remind you, and our fellow singletons that there remain a good 350 “non-special” days a year for your “night on the town” so maybe tonight you could instead go and pick litter up, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or even embark on the Study of Postmodernism as a good thing for Political Science. But if that all fails, simply whack on Football Manager and take great delight (as many female-deprived males do) in beating Alfreton Town 23-0 in a pre-season friendly. I lookforward with bated breath for tomorrows report on your evenings festivities.

  2. Should have come delivering leaflets with me. Speaking of which, I need to fill a car with activists for a flying squad session this Saturday. Who’s up for it? I can pick up anywhere in Sth Brum with a view to a 10am start.

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