John McCain: The True Candidate for Change

It is a well known fact that the Republican party are at a low ebb. As I have stated previously this is not their election to win, its the Democrats to lose. Admittedly I am disillusioned with American politics after 8 years of George Bush and even I flirted with the idea of ‘President Hillary Clinton’ as a more conservative Democrat. In many ways I saw her as the lesser of two evils. However now she is out of the race we are faced with two candidates who couldn’t be further apart. Barack Obamania has taken over not just America but the wider world, yet the world knows very little about this dangerous left winger other than he can talk the talk. By contrast we have known John McCain in all the seasons of his political life and what endears me to him most is the fact that there has been conviction and conscience in every season.

Perhaps the greatest of all the injustices that John McCain has had to endure over this Presidential campaign lies in the media and the Obama camp’s venomous villification of a former war hero based around deception and exaggeration. McCain has been accused by the Obama camp time and time again as being the gateway to a third Bush term. Therein lies the deception and deviousness of the Obama campaign. Obama is globetrotting his way to the Presidency on a mishmash of lies and false promises playing on Americans worst fears and exploiting their hopes. If one detaches the Republican tag John McCain and George Bush couldn’t be further apart.

McCain is a man who puts conviction above covenience. He votes with his conscience and not with any political tag. He has spent the past eight years restraining his own Republican Congress and has repeatedly voted with Democrats against his own party on tax cuts, election finance, immigration, and much else. McCains support of the Democrats has cost him dearly amongst many Conservatives which ironically could impact on his ability to get his core vote out in November. Further to this many in the media conveniently ignore the fact that McCain fought a bitter campaign against Bush for the nomination in 2000 opposing him on many issues. 

The somewhat controversial commentator Ann Coulter, a known supporter of Bush, has even gone so far as to say that had Hillary Clinton been the nominee for President she would back her over McCain. So to say a McCain administration would be a third Bush term is not merely an exaggeration it is a blatant lie and, like much of Obama policy, flies in the face of fact. McCain unlike his Democratic counterpart doesn’t jump to the cheers of a crowd or change his stance on the basis of an opinion poll, he stands up and speaks for what he believes in even if it is at odds with his own party. He doesn’t offer rhetoric he offers solutions. His policies are gimmick free but full of substance and solution. 

Barack Obama’s policies are reckless and represent a dangerous shift in international relations. At a time when the Middle Eat in particular needs strong leadership from Washington, Barack Obama diverts his attention to the more popular war: Afghanistan. The surge policy employed by Bush is working and at a time when we should be pushing that bit harder we are pulling away. It baffles the mind. People often say to me we can win if we work with our enemies, a policy touted by the Obama camp. Thus Obama has threatened to undermine continuing negotiations with rogue states by saying he will meet unconditionaly with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba etc without preconditions.

This is why Obama is dangerous not just for America economically but for the world politically. On his recent trip to Germany Obama in a very clever speech made a big faux pas which suprise suprise went largely unreported. Obama explained that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Europe proved “that there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one.” Perhaps he needs a refresher course in Cold War history, but the Berlin Wall most certainly did not come down because “the world stood as one.”

The Iron curtain fell because of a decades-long, existential struggle against one of the greatest, left wing, totalitarian ideologies mankind has ever faced. It was a struggle in which strong and determined leadership by the likes of Thatcher and Reagan was constantly questioned and ridiculed. This strong leadership held out and the rest as they say is history. If good is right and evil is wrong why should we comprimise? Obama is too soft and he risks undermining all the years of negotiations and hard work which have pushed leaders like Kim Jong Il and Gadaffi in to reforming their regimes. McCain is the candidate who will be of greatest benefit to the world and he is the candidate who is most experienced to run a war.

John McCain is a true stateman and a true American hero. He is the only candidate of 2008 that is worthy of the title President of the United States and I feel he will be cheated of his chance to serve the country he loves due to the maliciousness and underhanded tactics of the American and global media. If I could offer McCain one bit of advice it would be to play up his patriot credentials. American patriotism is renowned and is potent amongst all classes and at a time when Americans need a morale boost this could be the perfect oppourtunity. Patriotism is universal among blue-collar workers, the same workers that reached out to Clinton not Obama and McCain can exploit this because he, a war hero, is its embodiment.

In addition Obama has sown many seeds of doubt about his own patriotic credentials due to his refusal to immediately condemn the outrageous sentiments of his pastor Reverend Wright, who claimed 9/11 was just, a sentiment held by many on the left wing. Those doubts still linger but have been buried by the biased media that seem determined to put Obama in the Oval Office whatever the cost. McCain’s best hope goes against all of his principles: fight dirty like Obama. Exploit your patriotic credentials and expose Obama as a dangerous, protectionist left winger that promises nothing but deception. McCain might be advanced in years but when compared to Obama he is advanced in every way.


5 thoughts on “John McCain: The True Candidate for Change

  1. Interestingly, Boris Johnson has come out and said he endorses Obama’s campaign and thinks it would be great if he won!

  2. Boris said that Obama’s election would do ‘fantastic things for the confidence and feelings of black people around the world’ I hardly see this as an endorsement. Instead i think that it is the Obama mad media just lining up another high profile ‘endorsement’. This one in particular would be important because it would put Johnson directly at odds with much of the Conservative party, and indeed cameron, who are backing McCain. Either way Boris is free to back whom so ever he wishes although in his position I would advise him to steer clear of foreign endorsements.

  3. “Asked by Square Mile’s editor, Martin Deeson, if he endorsed Mr Obama, he said: “Yes.” (BBC News)

    “…although in his position I would advise him to steer clear of foreign endorsements.” (BUCF) This is a very good bet thought Dan. Obama is popular and the next president.

  4. I fear you are right, which is why if he did ‘endorse’ Obama, Im sure it was more down to the fact that he thinks hes going to win, after all everyone likes to back a winner. Also Im sure it’ll do wonders for boris’s image and help repair some damage within the black community, after all he used to refer to black people as ‘watermelon smile, wide grinning piccanies’, surely endorsing Obama would be a welcome change of attitude

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