ConservativeHome Awards

Apologies to the reduction in the number of blogs recently, we have unfortunately entered exam period…

After our international relations exam yesterday Jimmy and myself rushed down to London for the awards event in London. The event had a great turnout and we had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people along with organising a couple of exciting things for the future….

We would like to give our thanks to the absent bloggers who couldn’t be with us due to exams and revision and a special mention to Daniel Cowdrill who established this very blog in October.  We were commended and nominated on the nature that our blog has a diverse range of opinions from all of the committee, which obviously proved to be a successful combination. We were ecstatic to have won and were gifted with a bottle of bubbly which we drank on the way home!!!!

We aim to build on our success with the blog providing a centre of debate for all young people as well as expanding our general readership.. Most importantly we’d like to thank our dedicated readership, for without them and their votes this award would not have been possible!!

The winners of the other categories were:

Best Parliamentary Blog: Nadine Dorries MP
Best Young Conservative Blog: Birmingham CF
Best Anonymous Blog: Archbishop Cranmer
Best Local Government Blog: Maida Vale Conservatives
Best Newcomer Blog: Praguetory
Best Conservative Blog: Iain Dale

15 thoughts on “ConservativeHome Awards

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  2. All those who’ve helped in the development of this site over the last eight months, particularly Daniel, should be very very pleased! An excellent achievement for BUCF!

  3. Excellent – well done everyone and hope you had an enjoyable evening. Let’s keep up the good work!

  4. Job Well Done! Jimmy I think that this puts you one step closer to being BUCF’s equivalent of Toby Ziegler…

  5. Thank you for all the congratulations, I will be doing a post at some point this afternoon with my take on the evening.

    Particular thanks to Mark Clarke for all of his encouragment, it is much easier to be a good CF, when we are represented well by the National Management Exceutive and a great CF chair, do keep up the good work!

    I have just brought a bouncy ball Ross too, which is being thrown against my window with some velocity, as I try to revise for Saturday’s Political Economy exam!

  6. His Grace sends you his most sincere congratulations on your well-deserved award.

    He would also like to wish you well with your exams. You are not only the future, but a sorely-needed present.

  7. Well done Tories.

    You see, I can celebrate success in all its forms, even when you lot are involved ;-)


  8. Perhaps Gary, we might be in with a chance of ‘most innovative use of technology’ award next year form the Guild which we mised out on a few weeks ago.

    I am sure Gary you are pleased to see all students of the University excelling themselves and being a great representative for the University nationally ;-)

  9. As I said on my nomination of bucf for the award you mention jimmy, i mentioned how bucf blog is the most interactive society web presence, and i believe it is. redbrick online attracts very few if any comments. interaction is the point, but i doubt if we were given more than a glance by the judging panel (which included members of bugs labour)

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