Committee 2015-2016

President – Ben Callaghan

DSC_0071Ben is a third year Political Science student and is BUCF’s President for 2015-2016.

Ben describes himself as a neo-conservative, believing strongly that a more ‘hawkish’ foreign policy is required to tackle threats that are present in the world today. He is also a strong supporter of Britain’s membership of the European Union and co-edits the non-partisan blog The Grapevine.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys following European politics, playing cornet in the University of Birmingham Brass Band and playing golf.

Vice President – George Reeves

DSC_0067George is BUCF’s Vice President.  He is currently a third-year Political Science student.

Having joined the party two years ago, George is known across campus for his staunchly Neoconservative and pro-US foreign policy views (which can regularly be found in the Guild of Student’s newspaper Redbrick). He closely follows US politics, and is a supporter of the Republican Party.

In his spare time, Georges writes on both his personal blog and the BUCF blog, and is an active member of his Anglican church. He hopes to pursue a career in journalism.

Treasurer – David Beverly

11787399_10153059171573379_834446192_nDavid is BUCF’s treasurer and a first year postgraduate student in Formulation Engineering.

He joined the party in 2010 in the run-up to that year’s general election, and became an activist in 2014, driven by his desire to see smaller government combined with greater personal freedom and social responsibility.

David is also a keen musician; playing the piano and organ at his Church, and he sings in a local choir. He hopes to pursue a career in Research and Development.

Secretary – Sam Burnhan

A second-year Mathematical Economics & Statistics student, Sam is the BUCF Secretary. He’s responsible for all various paperwork and room-bookings which the society’s activities generate.

Sam self identifies as a Classical Liberal/Liberal-Conservative and takes a keen interest in the Austrian School of Economics. He joined the party in 2013, after working in his local association, and becoming interested in neo-liberal economic theory. Sam believes that the impact of politics on our lives today and tomorrow makes it vital to take an active role now.

In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing chess, and analysing statistics. He’s a close follower of the developing Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, and likes to explore the statistics behind global changes today.

Media & Publicity Officer – Will Poyser

Will is a second year Political Science student and is BUCF’s Media and Publicity Officer.

Campaigning Secretary – Carmel Greenwood

Carmel GreenwoodCarmel is BUCF’s Campaigning Secretary.

Carmel joined the party in 2013, after concluding that the Conservatives are the only party which can deliver the firm austerity measures which our economy desperately needs. She describes herself as a Classical Liberal, committed to defending our political and economic freedom, and a soft Eurosceptic, keen to see considerable change to Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Outside of BUCF, Carmel enjoys cycling, and is an enthusiastic chef of Southeast Asian and her native Thai cuisine. She hopes to pursue a career in finance in Asia.

Social Secretary – Joel Buckett

1723939_975497025801848_2636235528980130659_nJoel is a second year history student and is BUCF’s 2015-2016 Social Secretary.

Joel first became interetsed in politics during sixth form. Economically, he identifies as a neo-liberal, with a particular interest in contemporary Swiss and Thatcherite economic policy. Socially, he is a strong advocate of One Nation Conservatie values and the benefits of meritocracy.

His hobbies include competing as an athlete, writing a political blog, volunteering to help disadvantaged children and reading fiction. He hopes to pursue a career in finance after he graduates.

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