Previous Committees

Each year, BUCF elects a new team to lead and guide the society for 12 months. Everyone who serves on a BUCF committee makes their own mark and leaves behind their own unique legacy.


The 2015-2016 Committee

President: Ben Callaghan

Vice President: George Reeves

Treasurer: David Beverly 

Secretary: Sam Burnhan

Publicity and Media Officer: Will Poyser

Campaigning Officer: Carmel Greenwood

Social Secretary: Joel Buckett

The 2014-15 Committee 

President: Tom Pike

Vice President: Joe Gerrard

Treasurer: Ben Callaghan

Secretary: Sam Burman

Publicity and Media Officer: George Reeves

Campaigning Officer: David Beverly

Social Secretary: Carmel Greenwood

The 2013-14 Committee

President: Charlie Winch

Vice President: Harry Chitty

Treasurer: James Glass

Secretary: Joe Gerrard

Publicity and Media Officer: Owen Williams

Campaigning Officer: Tom Pike

Social Secretary: Alex Craggs

The 2012-13 Committee

President: Emily Hilditch

Vice President: Owen Williams

Treasurer: Laura Hutchinson

Secretary: Harry Chitty

Publicity and Media Officer: Charlie Winch

Campaigning Officer: Ashley Kirk

The 2011-12 Committee

President: Rosie Hatch

Vice President: Emily Hilditch

Treasurer: Edward Trafford

Secretary: Christopher James

Publicity and Media Officer: Owen Williams

The 2010-11 Committee

President: Sophie Shrubsole

Vice President External: Adam Jenner

Vice President Internal: Tim Hasker

Treasurer: Alasdair Johnstone

Secretary: Helen Smyth

Publicity Officer: Owen Williams

Blog Editor: Maximillian Genoni

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