Committee 2016-2017

This years committee will be as follows:

President – Joel Buckett


Joel is a third year history student and is UOBCs 2016-2017 President.

Joel first became interetsed in politics during sixth form. Economically, he identifies as a neo-liberal, with a particular interest in contemporary Swiss and Thatcherite economic policy. Socially, he is a strong advocate of One Nation Conservatie values and the benefits of meritocracy.

His hobbies include competing as an athlete, writing a political blog, volunteering to help disadvantaged children and reading fiction. He hopes to pursue a career in finance after he graduates.

As president, Joel wants to expand membership and the social side of the society, whilst promoting sensible and pragmatic Conservative values on campus.

Vice-President – 

Treasurer – Luke Caldecott


Luke is a second year Economics and Political Science student, and the incumbent treasurer of UoBC. Luke joined the Conservative party in 2015 prior to the general election and campaigned in his local constituency around revision. He describes himself as a Libertarian Conservative; advocating for smaller government, freer markets, and individualism. He is a fierce opponent of the European Union and the Single Market; favouring a sovereign, globalist Britain and the establishment of a Europe of Free and Independent States. In his spare time, Luke can be found making right-wing memes and getting royally bevved with the lads. Aside from this; he enjoys reading policy proposals made by free market think tanks, is a keen marksman and avidly follows football.


Media and Publicity Officer – Rebecca-Elise Palmer 

Rebecca is a second year Social Policy student. Her interests grew during the 2010 election where key issues such as housing, unemployment and health inequalities were not at the forefront of being discussed by either sides of the political spectrum, therefore began to research more into how they are consistently ignored by the media and political powers.

Economically, she identifies herself as a fiscal conservative alongside with libertarian attributes in believing in a free-market, capitalism and ensuring people keep as much of their own money as possible. This, she believes can be achieved by raising the standards of living, education and promoting a more competitive society in which people want to strive for the best they can achieve.

Outside of copious amounts of reading; she enjoys walking her two spaniels, going to the gym and working a lot at Tesco!

Campaigning Secretary – Cameron Uppal 


My interest in politics was invoked by the general election of 2010 and has moulded my political views. My political stance is in many ways reflective of David Cameron’s tenure because I am not an ideologically driven Conservative but one who is pragmatically driven with the main objective of having a strong economy at the centre of my political opinions. The fact that I see the role of government as one which should facilitate a strong economy makes me a reactionary Conservative who takes a flexible view on different current affairs, as opposed to an ideologically driven perspective.

I guess this is the foundation of my politics; the successful business that my family was able to run in the 1980’s was helped by the Thatcherite economic policies of the era with favourable tax rates and minimalistic government intervention. Therefore at the centre of my politics is the focus on promoting small businesses and encouraging social mobility for hard working families.

The great thing about the society is the people that are in it, they are so welcoming and friendly that it creates a really comfortable environment where people are happy to be involved. The annual trip to parliament is always the highlight of the year for me.
Outside of politics I am a keen sportsman with my particular interests being tennis and football. I am also an avid reader of fantasy novels. However most of my spare time I like to spend with my family on day trips, although the great British weather sometimes prevents this!

Social Secretary 

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