You’re not singing anymore . . .

There seems to be an eerie silence coming from our counterparts at BULS. At a time of new consensus, I am daring to break cover on a particular issue.

What is their reaction to the by election results, and to the continuing calls about Gordon Brown’s leadership? They were delighted about this time last year (I count at least 4 posts on the Ealing Southall by election).

At the time, I posted a staunch defence of David Cameron. As I believed he was still the best man for the job.

Last June, BULS graciously voted to back Gordon Brown for their leader (!)It is not pleasant when you lose a by election. However, their silence on his leadership and by election perhaps speaks volumes (interesting to note it has taken Cabinet colleagues three days to come out and support him, and then hardly in droves, say what you will about Blairites, they always defended their man).

Tom Marley outgoing chair of BULS posted on Thursday: the result of the Crewe by-election and what will be a critical juncture in the history of this Labour government . . . The actual result doesn’t matter.

A rather odd contradiction in itself, what do the new committee think? Or are they great ditherers also?