Why I joined BUCF, and you should too – Ben Callaghan


Growing up in a part of the United Kingdom where the Conservative Party is not very popular or active meant I had very few chances to get involved with the party.  Despite campaigning for a local independent council candidate in Saddleworth, I had never really got actively involved in politics. I joined BUCF during my first week at university hoping to meet like- minded people and get a taste of what it would be like to campaign for a political party. Despite this, it was not until May 2014 when I actually campaigned with BUCF for the first time for city council elections. Despite the rather poor weather, talking to people on the doorstep on election day is something I really enjoyed and I regret not getting out campaigning much earlier.

While knocking on people’s doors and delivering leaflets is not everyone’s idea of a good afternoon, it is something everyone who wants a Conservative majority should try to get involved in. The West Midlands itself is filled with marginal seats and the election could be decided in this part of the country. That therefore makes this area a very exciting part of the election campaign and it could be the closest we could see for many years. Any help you can give will be of immense value to the very strong and likable candidates that we are fortunate to have and nothing feels better than a free beer down the pub after a busy day canvassing.

Though it is important to note that BUCF is much more than this – we are not solely a campaigning society. One of the great aspects of BUCF is the people you meet and the friendships you form. Through the many different events that we have run in the past from curry nights, trips to the Houses of Parliament and a good debate over a good glass of port you will get to meet many different types of interesting people from the likes of libertarians, neo-conservatives, those who are euro-sceptics and of course the more sensible pro-Europeans.

As someone who believes that we need to create a society that is confident, promotes ambition and has the money and security to allow people to achieve what they want in life, it is crucial that we a prevent a Labour Party that does not promote these values from getting into a position where they can form a government. When I graduate from university, I want to find a job that I will enjoy and hopefully, if I’m lucky, excel at. Also like many others I would love to have a good house and live in a country that has a strong economy resulting in efficient and effective public services. These are the reasons why I joined BUCF and why I am out campaigning for the party. Getting involved in a political society is a great part of university life and I would recommend to anyone who is of similar political beliefs to join BUCF.

Ben Callaghan – Treasurer


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