There is no reason for David Cameron to resign if Scotland votes for independence

The debate over Scotland’s future is now in its final months. This year has seen a rather worrying surge of support for the ‘Yes’ campaign and this could continue to build as we get closer to the all –important day on the 18th September. Yesterday I was glad that it became clear that David Cameron would not resign if Scotland voted to leave the Union. The idea has been floated around and I have always believed that there is no real reason for him to resign. The idea that he might was taken very seriously by some and Philip Hammond yesterday was forced to say that he would not try to become leader if a vacancy arose.

Cameron has also recently defended his decision to allow Scotland to have the referendum. He was completely right to do so. With the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) having a majority in Holyrood, kit would have been disastrous not do have offered one. The same would obviously happen if Plaid Cymru won a majority in the Welsh Assembly. Critics would say by doing so he has essentially destroyed the union. Instead he has respected the views of the Scottish people and the Scottish government who have a strong mandate for a referendum on Scotland’s future.

It is also important to look at the Better Together campaign. This is led by Labour’s former Chancellor Alistair Darling. This group fighting for a no vote is an all-party group consisting of members from all three of the main political parties. Gordon Brown too has recently come out fighting against independence. There is a general consensus from Westminster (excluding obviously the SNP MPs) that Britain is stronger together and that is how it remains. Therefore it is difficult to point the blame at the Prime Minister if the Union does fall apart. Instead, it was the failure of the all the parties and it would be very hypocritical for members of the Left calling for Cameron to resign if such a thing happens.

Cameron has rightly refused TV debates with Alex Salmond. He is not the one leading this battle. As he has often joked, most Scots would not want him speaking on their behalf. That does not mean he cannot have an opinion on the matter.

Hopefully, Scotland would vote to stay and then the pointing of blame can be avoided. The talk that has erupted that Cameron should resign is just ridiculous. No doubt he would be known as the man who broke up the union if they vote to leave, but really the blame should be shared across all the pro-Union parties. If there is a yes vote, the weeks following the 18th September will no doubt be some of the toughest for Cameron, but he should not be criticised and forced to resign for respecting the views of the Scottish people.

Ben Callaghan


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