Hollande is the embodiment of EU ineptitude: Britain must look to Washington, not Brussels, for international support

Europe has had its fair share of political sex scandals, from Silvio Berlusconi’s bunga-bunga parties to the consistent promiscuity of a succession of French Presidents. However, none of these figures have cut a more pathetic figure than the current incumbent of the Elysee Palace, Francois Hollande. Everything about the French President’s affair with actress Julie Gayet has been deeply farcical, from the infamous photos of Mr Hollande on a moped travelling to and from his secretive trysts, to his complaints that the French press were invading his privacy by reporting the affair. All the past few weeks have revealed about Hollande are that he can’t even pull off a sex scandal well.

Since coming to power in 2012, Francois Hollande has systematically trashed France, imposing a crippling form of secular socialism which has won him plenty of enemies, most notably the hierarchy of the French Catholic Church, business leaders and entrepreneurs who don’t share his enthusiasm for a 75% top rate of tax, and his former partner Segolene Royal, the mother of his four children and former Socialist Party presidential candidate. The only prominent supporter of Mr Hollande is our own Ed Miliband, who has declared his intention to emulate Hollande’s style of socialism in Britain if, God forbid, he comes to power in 2015.

Today, Hollande has been engaged in meetings with David Cameron about Britain’s future in the EU, and has declared his opposition to Cameron’s demands for imminent EU treaty changes. This should sound warning bells in the heads of anyone who is sceptical that Britain is getting a good deal out of its relationship with the EU, especially if Cameron’s commitment to a referendum on EU membership is to be believed. The bottom line is, the Eurosocialist elite that run the EU are not interested in treaty changes or reform, they are quite happy continuing to expand the unwieldy bureaucracy which restricts its member states. Hollande is an appropriate representative of EU ineptitude, and it is about time that Britain stops trying to reform a body which is so far beyond reform. We need to free ourselves from this political bondage immediately, and start looking back to Washington for international economic and political support.

George Reeves


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