Scottish Independence – Road map to somewhere…

With the release of the White Paper regarding Scottish Independence it is worth asking the question, is Mr Salmon doing this for political purposes (so he can call himself Prime Minister/ President) or because he actually believes what he is saying. The White paper titled Scotland’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland, which does not suggest a bias of any kind, was projected as a blue print not just for an independent Scotland but any independent country. It turned out as more of a child’s Christmas list of what Mr Salmon wants but with little to no explanation as to how it will happen.

I have two problems with this. First is a personal let down in the sense that this comprehensive guide (a completely ridicules notion suggesting that Mr Salmon has no understanding of how different two countries can be) cannot claim that it is anything other than a bucket list. This was the SNP’s chance to lay the facts down to educate most people, including myself, who don’t truly understand the many complexities of a country going independent and set the tone of the future debate. Instead we get a political platform of which many suggest a possible wilful misunderstanding of facts which is my second problem. His desire to retain the Bank of England as a lender of last resort for instance. Why would the bank give an independent country a bail out? You have financial control so your problem is your responsibility and your entire financial argument is that you are in a better position to get Scotland out of the financial crisis. The irony is that he seems to want all the benefits of the English system while giving nothing in return. Also on the membership of the EU, Scotland was never a signatory, England signed up to the EU, so Scotland became a de facto member but if they left the UK they would have to re-join to EU. This causing some economic , immigration and legal issues as they would temporarily not be a member. Other wishes of extended social care to infants and giving Scottish citizens a “voice in negotiations on agriculture and fisheries” through direct representation in the EU, now I’m no expert but this raises a question. What’s stopping you from doing that now? You have Members of the European Parliament whose job it is to raise questions that Scottish citizens are concerned of in the European Parliament, like on agriculture and fisheries.

I recognise that you have significant issues on spending and Trident, but if you are going to release a White Paper to begin the formal process of proving your ability to lead your own country to better places and times. Could you please do it in a manner that makes it harder for people to suggest it has too much in common with a child’s Christmas list?

Jack Fennell


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