Trust in politicians, how we love to hate them.

Politicians are elected as the representatives of the people; they are called public servants for a reason. Every re-election for them is seen as a question of whether we agree with what they have done and what they intend to do. So why is it that when something goes so against the grain, nothing of substance happens. This charming gentleman is Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who ‘allegedly’ was seen smoking cocaine. The MP’s expenses scandal has cost millions and US congressional approval ratings are at 9%.

Every time there is a political scandal politicians will say we’re sorry, we will never do this again. Then turn around and keep going. Mark Sandal is a US Congressman from South Carolina who after having an affair while Governor of South Carolina not only got re-elected to the House of Representatives but also married his mistress. How is it that when politicians fail in their duties as elected officials the national response is always; shock, horror then go and re-elect them. The media will spend plenty of time revealing the juicy details until they all seem to be little more than a Hello magazine and we still re-elect them. In order to be elected normally voters would like an articulate candidate with experience and ability. Usually with no major skeletons in the metaphorical closet but once their elected it seems like they have a free pass. As voters should we not ask for a candidate with higher standards of personal conduct, it’s not as if these people are our representatives on issues of spending, public services and almost all areas of our daily life. Oh wait.

Rob Ford was kind enough to sum this up as “I’m not perfect”; well thank you Captain Obvious, but if an ordinary citizen was filmed smoking cocaine then I would hope that they would be arrested so why is it then politicians get an effective pass. There is a police investigation against him and yet he is still in office (he has had some of his powers taken away from him I’ll admit) but here is the curve-ball a poll of over 1000 random citizens found that his approval ratings had gone from 39% before this to 44%. They went up despite their mayor being an alleged drug user. The next Toronto election is in 2014, worryingly it looks like ‘crack mayor’ will be re-elected.

Jack Fennell


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