Bercow must rein himself in…

An article earlier this week has stated that John Bercow has degraded the office of Speaker by being too curt and personal as well as showing blatant favouritism. I quite like Bercow but throughout his time as Speaker he has made more enemies than friends.  Now his remaining allies believe that he is putting his own position in jeopardy by showing his dislike for David Cameron and Tory backbenchers.

Bercow is a fantastic speaker when you compare him to his predecessor Michael Martin. Martin was never very effective of getting his voice heard. Bercow on the other hand is much more confident and has the ability to project his voice throughout the Commons. He is very intelligent, witty and a very strong public speaker.

So why is he becoming increasingly unpopular? In his youth, Bercow was on the hard right of the Tory party. Over time he has slowly moved towards the left side of the political spectrum. After Martin’s resignation in 2009, the Conservatives wanted one of their own as Speaker. At this time, Bercow was not one of them anymore.  The Conservatives wanted Sir George Young, but Labour voted for Bercow because he almost one of them. This as you can imagine did not go down well with the party. I’m sure you recall Simon Burns calling him a ‘stupid, sanctimonious dwarf’.

You would think that he may try to fix relations with the party. He however, has not done this.  Earlier this year, he said Philip Hammond had been ‘woefully inadequate’ during a government announcement and during debates he treats many Tory MPs as fools.

Then there are the actions of the infamous Sally Bercow who seems to be using her husband’s job as a way of getting into the spotlight. Events such as the  libel row over Lord McApline , drunkenly balancing a pineapple on her head at the Labour conference and appearing in a picture wearing only a bed sheet with the Houses of Parliament in the background have made Bercow’s job much more difficult and they have damaged the credibility of the Speaker.

Ben Callaghan


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