The Effect of the Internet Comment Section – Time to take off the Mask

Does alcohol have a similar effect to the internet??? I can hear the denials from where I’m writing already but think about it for a second. Alcohol has the effect of lowering inhibitions and usually results in people having increased confidence and sadly profanity. If you think I’m wrong then check out any tweet from David Cameron , of the 456 tweets he has posted I’ll bet that all of them will include people saying something along the lines of David you’re a <insert swear word of your choice here>.

Why is it that when people are online they feel that they have a mask and can say what they want? Most people wouldn’t walk up to someone in the street and start swearing at them (I hope) so why is it that when people are online what is allowed or accepted seems to be different from real life? When I’m talking to someone face to face if I disagree with them then I would explain why, without swearing. So why is it that in a comment section it seems to be okay to swear worse than a sailor with no consequences? But what I find most ironic about the comment section magic isn’t the alcohol effect, but what I will dub the YW effect.

By this I mean the “you’re wrong” crowd. Before I explain this, let me say that I have no problem with people that disagree with me. In fact I love debating over almost any issue but when people say you’re wrong … with no other reason, explanation or basis for their claim I do have to ask the question of how? Prove me factually wrong or looking at the wrong information or something but just saying that I or any other person is just wrong doesn’t prove anything, all it does is state your opinion so why not explain to everyone else why you think the way you do. So here’s a game for you to play; if you think that I or someone else is wrong, then explain the basis of your reasoning and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you or maybe I’ll even agree with you. It is the least you can do if you hold such a strong opinion on something that you have read all of this.

Oh and one last thing for you to bear in mind, if after reading this you scroll down to the comment section and post something along the lines of say .. Jack you are a <insult>,  your wrong. I thank you for proving my point.

Jack Fennell


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