Campus Reform UK

Campus Reform UK – a breath of fresh air into student politics!

Born out of the great halls of Cambridge University last week at the annual Young Britons Foundation Activist Training Conference, a new campaign has been launched to scrutinize and expose waste and scandal withing the UK’s Student Unions.

Campus Reform UK was launched this week to compile all the “waste, inefficiency, incompetence, political bias and general chaos rife in all Student Unions”. Hopefully it will help to highlight some of the madness that goes on within the closed halls of the higher echelons of SU’s, most notably by the small left wing cliques that dominate them.

Our own Guild of Students itself has not escaped criticism recently – this article was just published on the Guild Councils attempt to pass an anti-capitalism motion which thankfully was withdrawn.

You can follow Campus Reform UK on Twitter at and on facebook at and online at


2 thoughts on “Campus Reform UK

    • well CR UK runs on tip-offs and public submitions so if there is anything interesting in it worth promoting I can’t see why not…

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