Brum’s ‘Political Compass’ scores

Having seen a few members post their Political Compass polygraph scores recently, I thought it would be interesting to collate all our results and plot them on the same chart. For comparison, we asked all the other political societies at the University of Birmingham to create their own score charts as well.

The Political Compass adds a new edge to the traditional ‘right v left’ debate, adding an authoritarian v libertarian aspect as well. It’s not perfect – some of the questions are heavily loaded towards a certain answer being given but it makes for an interesting comparison none the less.

I’ll let you analyse each of the scores yourself – if there is anything you think is worth commenting on then go for it..

BUCF’s results;

A decent spread of results showing we are indeed a broad church / big tent party. All on the right (sound!) but with quite a few on the libertarian side reflecting what I see as the apparent resurgence of libertarianism and classical liberalism within Conservative Future and the national conservative youth movement as a whole, especially compared to the parliamentary party.

Birmingham University Labour Students

University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats

Birmingham Broad Left Society

Freedom Society

(Hopefully I’ll add in a few other scores if and when they come)

Make of it what you wish!

Charlie Winch (BUCF Media & Publicity)

Twitter – @ce_winch


2 thoughts on “Brum’s ‘Political Compass’ scores

  1. It is interesting to see a few things from a quick glance. Correlation of labour students, it would be worth getting an r squared on that. Feel free to add my score into the FreeSoc graph too. BUCF by far have the widest range of scores, and feeding into the upper echelons of the Conservatives it is also present, particularly with the rebellious backbenchers and those switching to UKIP.

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