all the YBF9 delegates

This weekend 10 members of BUCF hit up Churchill College Cambridge for the ninth Annual Young Britons’ Foundation Activist Training Conference. With amazing speakers, great food and enough wine to take out a small army I’m sure many of us will be returning!

The 48 hour event included talks from

Steve Baker MP;
The genius political consultant Peter Botting;
Graham Brady MP;
Rory Broomfield of the Freedom Association;
Conor Burns MP;
David Canzini, formerly campaigns director for the Conservative Party;
Emmar Carr of Big Brother Watch;
James Cleverly AM;
Alex Deane;
Matthew Elliott of the tpa
Shane Greer;
Robert Halfon MP and his colleague Paul Abbott;
Jonathan Isaby of The TaxPayers’ Alliance;
Raheem Kassam of The Commentator blog;
Christian May, formerly of YBF;
Cllr Paul Osborn;
Lord Parkinson;
Eric Pickles MP;
Cllr Greg Smith of Hammersmith and City Council;
Lord Tebbit;
Andre Walker of the Trade Union Reform Campaign;                                                        Tim Montgomerie – ConservativeHome

BUCF hopes to be working with YBF in the future for a number of on and off campus events.



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