Rory Weal – a new generation of champagne socialists

The next William Hague? I think  not! Yesterday, after the disappointing performance of Ed Miliband, delegates at the Labour Conference at least had the hope of  a bright future in the form of their new star Rory Weal. The young Rory wowed the conference with a heartfelt speech of how his family was saved from disaster by the Welfare state. He knew how to please the audience, turning on the left-wing rhetoric, claiming that the “welfare state is being ruthlessly ripped apart by a vicious, right-wing Tory-led Government.” Hours after his speech bookmakers were offering odds 25/1 that you would be Labour leader by 2040 and 50/1 that he would be Prime Minister by then. On the high of an ego trip Rory told the media that he would “not rule out” one day being Prime Minister.

However, the hangover from the binge of praise is starting to emerge, and the painful truth that Rory Weal is more of a champagne socialist than a working class hero. His speech invoked images of a struggling family living on the brink of poverty, when in reality Rory is the son of a former multi millionaire property developer. Now it is true that his family lost the majority of their money when his father’s company went bust. However, far from being on the streets poor Rory had to leave his £13000 a year private school and his £950,000 grade II listed house for a selective grammar school and £300,000 semi in Kent. Despite spending his whole life in private education Rory maintains his opposition to selective education attacking it for being divisive, but really it is this ‘divisive’ system which Rory owes everything to, not the welfare state as he claimed in his speech.

Rory’s attempt to appear working class is a real insult to the millions of families struggling to cope through this Autumn of anxiety, as the nation attempts to heal the wounds caused by a decade of Labour misgovernment. It emphasises how out of touch the Labour elite truly are; still dominated by overpaid union hacks and champagne socialists. Contrary to bookmakers odds, I would very surprised if people even know who Rory Weal is by 2040 – by spinning a pack of blatant lies to the nation he has ended his political career before it even began.

Tim Hasker


6 thoughts on “Rory Weal – a new generation of champagne socialists

  1. “The next William Hague? I think not!”

    Well that’s a relief.

    “On the high of an ego trip Rory told the media that he would “not rule out” one day being Prime Minister.”

    What exactly was he supposed to do? Announce that he will never become PM?

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