Ed’s new bargain plan for government, let’s just say, it’s no new deal!

It all started so well, he made the funniest jokes you can expect a dull man to make, he didn’t dwell on past labour glory nor did he spend half the speech apologising for Labour’s record in government. He sounded like he was on the right path to making, ok not a spectacular speech, but an acceptably strong enough speech to secure his leadership. Then he said the words which I think will haunt him for many years to come;

“And strike a new bargain in our country”

I heard it and thought, must just be a mistake, a bad phrase that slipped through the cracks of speech screening. But he kept on saying it, a total of 13 times – definitely Miliband’s unlucky number. Would somebody please bring Alastair Campbell to save these people from themselves. Tony Blair spent the first year of his leadership cementing the concept of New Labour; it was bold, ambitious, media savvy and smart – the new bargain just sounds ridiculous. On that podium, talking of his new bargain for Britain, it felt like he should be on a bad advert for Costcutter, not trying to convince his party and the nation that he is the next Prime Minister. Michael Foot had the longest suicide note in history, Ed Miliband has got his shopping list.

The content of his ‘alternative’ lacked substance much like his slogan. He did some banker bashing, no surprises there, and then went on to talk about values. Values are all well and good but where are the policies? The answer is, there aren’t any, the Labour leader has no credible alternative, it’s the same old labour, the same old broken policies which avoid dealing with the mess they created. Ed hoped that his laughable excuse for a slogan would get voters excited like they would before a sale. However, the plan flopped and I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be long before Labour supporters are shopping for a new leader.

Tim Hasker



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