New BUCF Committee

Four generations of BUCF Presidents

Last night, BUCF held its AGM, bringing to an end a fantastic year for BUCF. I have been involved with BUCF since my first year, and served on the committee for two years – it has been a privilege to be your Vice President over the last year. There are many reasons why BUCF is a success, but ultimately it is because we are all good friends. I would like to thank outgoing President Sophie Shrubsole for all the hard she has done for the society and thank the rest of the committee, it has been an honour to work with you. The emotion of last night emphasises how much BUCF means to us all. However, a new dawn has begun and congratulations to the BUCF Committee 2011-2012

President – Rosie Anne Hatch

Vice President – Emily Hilditch

Secretary – Christopher James

Treasurer – Edward Trafford

Publicity Officer – Owen V. Williams

The future is bright for BUCF and this young,vibrant, new committee will, I’m sure, take our great society to new heights. Best of luck to you all.

Tim Hasker

BUCF Vice-President (External)



2 thoughts on “New BUCF Committee

  1. On behalf of BULS, congratulations to the new committee and commiserations to everyone else who was unsuccessful. The members of our two societies have far more in common than they like to believe if only they get past their petty partisan differences.

    You were a fine Tory opposite Tim (along with Jenner) and I was glad to be your BULS equivalent for the last 4 months…ish.

    Congratulations again and I look forward to working with the new committee especially with the possible return of the inter-partisan pub crawl and BULS vs. the Coalition football match.

    Max Ramsay, BULS Vice-Chair

  2. Likewise Max, thanks for your kind words, here and on the BULS blog. I’m sure Rosie will keep BULS on their toes…

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