Another Challenge, Another Victory!

Once again our friends in Birmingham University Labour Society were foolish enough to challenge BUCF to another competition – this time, a football match.

The eagerly anticipated Coalition vs. Labour match, kicked off at 5.15 in Selly Park last Thursday, but one vital ingredient was missing.  The Liberal Democrats failed to turn up at all, leaving the evenings event in doubt.  Kindly some independent players stepped up to play alongside BUCF members.

The first half was a cracking display of enthusiasm and some special skill from Ed Robinson, BUCF successfully coming in at the break 2-0 up, a dominant performance displayed throughout.

BULS put on the pressure with a goal just after the game resumed, but President Shrubsole who had come on for the second half, scored after only a few minutes, taking in a pass from Ed Robinson and poking home to make the score line 3-1.

Another BUCF goal restored our dominance.  A Labour goal reflected a good game  and time was drawing in for yet another Tory Victory!  Somehow extra time amounted to another 10-15 minutes as Labour tried to string out the match and indeed, extra extra extra time afforded BULS another goal.  BUCF were just too strong however, and the game finished 4-3.

Thanks to the Labour society for organising the event, and a special thanks to the BUCF players, Ed Robinson, Ed Newland and Alasdair Johnstone.

I wonder what challenge shall be laid down for BUCF next?




3 thoughts on “Another Challenge, Another Victory!

  1. “Kindly some independent players stepped up to play alongside BUCF members.” When you say that you mean half the BUCF team were not even BUCF members (one being a BULS member and 3 others seemed to be Barcelona reserves), lol. Either way, cracking game and hopefully we’ll do something similar in May!

  2. The idea of a Coalition team was to have half BUCF half Libs, we had the half BUCF and were expecting our friends in yellow to arrive. Hardly our fault!

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