Rebels Without a Cause

Saturday in London saw 250,000 people gather to march against the Government’s cuts to public services, interestingly the same number of people that marched against the proposal to ban fox hunting – that’s always a good precedent to follow!

Whilst the majority of the day was attended by peaceful but misguided protesters, once again certain parts of the Capital were wrecked by mindless thugs, acting under the guise of anarchists, anti capitalist and anti globalisation groups!  I’m yet to be convinced that anyone can be anti-globalist, particularly those the BBC filmed smashing up shops and cash machines.  They did after all have clothing on, were using objects as weapons, had used transport to get to their locations, and had to feed themselves to build up all that destructive energy.  Anti-globalisation then chaps?

It is about time that Home Secretary Theresa May grant greater powers to the police so that they can tackle these thugs more effectively.  At the moment, the Police are simply damned if they do and damned if they don’t, thus clear and simple legislation as to appropriate but strong action, must be laid down. These scenes cannot continue and  a ban on protesters covering their faces would be a good start!




One thought on “Rebels Without a Cause

  1. “a ban on protesters covering their faces would be a good start!”

    Not quite sure how that would be enforced though.

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