BUCF Launch Online Shop


On Monday BUCF became the first CF in the country to launch its very own online shop, packed full with a range of BUCF merchandise.

Thanks to the handy work of Owen Williams our publicity officer, we’ve got a great lineup of gear for you, from hoodies and t-shirts bearing the BUCF logo, to some fantastic tory slogan t-shirts and accessories. Plus, until April 4th we can offer you £10 off any purchase you make above £50, using voucher code SPRING2011 – so why stop at one hoodie?  Any suggestions for other products will be gratefully received, as BUCF seeks to extend its prowess as one the leading young Conservative groups.

Follow the link and get buying!





One thought on “BUCF Launch Online Shop

  1. A pretty impressive achievement. Though I would add that it might take some time for things to pick up. You just have to be patient and who knows in a couple of years it might be the thing that really puts BUCF on the map.

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