A New Direction?


Election campaigning for Guild positions swept campus and all student areas imaginable, but after two weeks of bright colours to vulgar for morning lectures, inventive costumes and the standard random names, finally eight sabatical officers and other Guild positions were appointed.

Well done to all those that took part and congratulations to those that won.

For the first time in more years than I have knowledge of, the Guild shall be headed up by a Conservative Student, Mark Harrop.

Mark served on BUCFs committee from 2009-2010 as marketing officer, helping to create events for the society.  It shall be interesting to see if he is able, or willing in this environment, to put a more central and balanced slant on the way the Guild operates.  It was also nice to see other Conservative students running for Guild positions, clearly highlighting, that whilst Universities are known for their left leaning persuasions, there are plenty of Tories out there too!





13 thoughts on “A New Direction?

  1. I don’t think any of the elections, including my own can be said to be representative of student’s political opinions or give any political mandate to “balence” the guild. Basically because of the way they where run didn’t really involve any political dialogue with students.

    If a new direction is going to be set, it certainly should not be done on the mandate of these elections but rather extensive community organizing and listening campaigns.

  2. I think it would be very interesting to see a student union election based on policies not personalities by anonymous ballots, just manifestos displayed, no names or pictures at all.

  3. I like the sound of this. The poster above who questions Mark having no policies obviously doesnt know Guild politics. I dont know anything about Mark’s campaign, but for NonSabbs anyway, its the perks.!!

  4. This poster actually knows a lot about Guild politics and finds it disgraceful although hardly surprising that he beat a candidate with loads of good policies by having none of his own and dressing up as Harry Potter for two weeks.

  5. So Joe B are you attacking the intelligence of students for choosing who they wish to be the next President of the Guild? How very undemocratic!

  6. I can say this now without peeing lots of people off but given it’s over, he was more of a ron weasely & his dumbledore was the spitting image of Gandalf the grey, that is all, lol

  7. Sophie, I believe it was one of your members who commented recently on bulsonline.org that the governments required no democratic mandate as the public are too stupid to have any real idea about policy anyway.

    What Joe was actually saying I think was that it is a shame that despite their obvious intelligence, students opted for a candidate with very few, very uninspiring policies, over a candidate who certainly offered a detailed and sensible program. He was saying that our next President was not the best candidate for the job, and as Edd Bauer rightly said above, the guild elections really are too often decided by a competition between gimmicks and numbers of banners.

  8. ^
    Haha – gotta love the Lefties. Democracy is fine except when the pesky electorate vote the wrong way.

  9. Sophie Shrubsole: not at all.

    jakelambertonline: you hit the nail on the head.

    Praguetory: you completely missed the point.

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