Playing Politics

An interesting article in the Guardian was brought to my attention today which seems to confirm that which we already suspected; Labour are making politically motivated council cuts. Figures released by the GMB clearly show that Labour councils are shedding on average 50% more posts than Conservative and Lib Dem authorities. Labour authorities have issued on average 745 job “at-risk” notifications, compared with 498 and 414 respectively from Tory and Lib Dem councils. The research shows that in total Tory councils have issued 49,774 post reduction notifications – 37.7% of the total cuts, which is lower than expected as the party controls 52% of all councils. By contrast, Labour-controlled councils have issued 39,787 notifications, 30% of the total, while the party controls only 16% of all councils. Lib Dem controlled councils have issued 8,339 – 6.3% of the total when the party runs 7.9% of all authorities. Of course Labour have attempted to wriggle out of this trying to justify it by the fact that Labour runs more large unitary authorities and the Tories lots of small district councils, meaning the average cut per council is warped, however upon closer analysis taking this fact in to account, the Guardian also identified that by almost every other analysis Labour still are cutting faster and deeper than Tory councils. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that more job losses equals higher unemployment and gives a smug self righteous Labour Party the perfect opportunity to berate Cameron for his return to the high unemployment of the 1980’s and further bolster their partys poll ratings. If 13 years of Labour government taught us nothing else, it taught us that Labour will do anything to present the image they want and Im pleased that the Guardian and others have brought Labours deception to the publics awareness.


6 thoughts on “Playing Politics

  1. This is literally sickening. Even though Labour have already previously shown themselves willing to distort democracy itself, or make thousands dependent on welfare payments, or create countless meaningless jobs in the public sector, all in the interests of buying support for themselves, for some reason I am still astounded at the hypocrisy of a party claiming to care about unemployment so blatently abusing the public they claim to represent for political gain. How long will it take before people realise Labour is a party for the party’s sake, and nothing more?

  2. Well precisely. Lest we forget the fact that Blair ripped up everything Labour stood for in Clause IV and embraced large swathes of Thatcherism, which they had once so vheremently opposed, hook line and sinker. I don’t neccessarily think that was a bad thing but it shows that Labour has no romantic attachment to policy or party, it will do and say what it has to to get elected.

  3. Figures also show that councils controlled by Labour or which have a Labour majority are having more cut off their budget than councils without Labour control. In the North Midlands, Stoke council has seen nearly 10% cut off it’s budget due to Tory cuts, compared to less than half that in nearby Cheshire East and Staffordshire County, both Tory controlled.

    Maybe Labour are correct after all?

  4. The figures say that 52% of councils are Conservative run and 16% Labour run. So why is it then that out of the 30 councils who have seen their budget cut the most, 14 are Labour and only 6 are Conservative run?

    Now we see why Labour have to lay more people off, politically led cuts by the Government. Strange how this doesn’t get mentioned though eh? Glad I could balance the debate though.

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