The Big Society in action!


6 thoughts on “The Big Society in action!

  1. She only did it because nobody else would, everybody else just stood by and watched for most of it. Big society, more like big joke. You cant force people to volunteer, people do it because they want to put something back into the community not because they are told to by government.

    • Ah Plankster, nice to see the Closet Tory reading a good blog. I agree, by definition you cannot force people to volunteer, since it would cease to be voluntary. Big society is about changing attitudes such that people will not just walk by on the other side, and will actually want to put something back, like the old woman did.

  2. Hello, Its not too bad atm. Hows you? well im all up for playful banter etc, but jibes and “personal attacks” should really be left out of public conversation etc. Tbh its nice to see so many BUCF members reading the BULS blog lol Ha Welsh Society, well its gone on a bit of a nose dive :s not naming names but a certain person isnt really suited for the job in hand, mind the interest from the students hasnt been great either.

  3. Well we found that a certain person didn’t really seem keen on socials last year either. Admittedly I didn’t devote too much time to it but I was doing finals and dissertation.

    Im used to personal attacks from BULS members on this blog – see comments in late 2009 lol

  4. Yup, thats the thing about blogs, people get carried away and forget who theyre talking to etc. Im pretty sure tho that BUCF gives as good as it gets as well.

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