‘This Is a Remarkable Record, Far Better Than We Have Ever Known’ – Margaret Thatcher


In response to a comment I saw on a previous blog that said ‘oh, so you met Ann Widdecombe and went to Brussels for 4 days, how out of touch you are’, I thought I’d just spell out how active BUCF has been since May.

So that all can read this and take it in effectively, perhaps a list format might be appropriate and helpful!

Since the new committee took over in May, we have met with:

Margaret Thatcher

David Cameron

Theresa May

Ian Duncan Smith

Ken Clark

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

Tim Loughton MP

David Davis MP

Chris Kelly MP

Chloe Smith MP

Chris Grayling MP

Douglas Carswell MP

Sajid Javid MP

Karen Lumley MP

Dan Hannan MEP

Jacqueline Foster MEP

Ann Widdecombe

Lord Ashcroft

BUCF also campaigned tirelessly throughout the General Election in numerous seats, many of which were to turn blue.

I can proudly say also, that we have held 16 social events in this time too, as well as a fantastic 4 day trip to Brussels.  In addition to this, we have attended 3 Annual Dinners, linked up with Birmingham Conservative Future, City Branch Conservatives, Yorkshire and Humber CF and the City of Liverpool CF.

So in essence, clearly some societies know how to have a good time, and provide their members with a range of events and opportunities.  Perhaps other societies would like to look at BUCFs track record before making comments about our activity.


BUCF President


4 thoughts on “‘This Is a Remarkable Record, Far Better Than We Have Ever Known’ – Margaret Thatcher

  1. This truly is a remarkable record! And we couldn’t have done it without your brilliant leadership Sophie. The other political societies on campus should be ashamed at their lack of activity. This is an incredibly exciting time for British politics and BUCF is at the heart of the action thanks to you!

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