Cheerio Edward Woollard

Whilst it is a democratic right to protest in Britain, scenes in London at the student demonstrations were deplorable.  After several students stormed CCHQ on 10 November, many making their way to the rooftop, 18 year old Edward Woollard was to sum up the stupidity of the violent protesters. Hurling a fire extinguisher from the roof of Tory part HQ, it falling just a metre from police and his fellow protesters below, he could have caused serious injury or death.  His actions outraged many across the country, not to mention those peacefully protesting students who must have felt that their cause had been damaged somewhat.

This blog does not condemn the student protests as a whole, but salutes the justice system for imposing a sentence that reflects the severity of Woollards crime, two years and eight months in prison.


BUCF President


5 thoughts on “Cheerio Edward Woollard

  1. I also have no problem with criminals going to jail. However, I am again bemused at the philosophy behind the judicial systems obsession with “deterrence”. I understand that it is pretty fundamental to they way things are, and even agree that it can be effective sometimes, but I hate hearing judges repeatedly saying that they have imposed an unusually lengthy sentence in order to “send out a very clear message to anyone minded to behave in this way”.

    This can only involve punishing someone for crimes that may or may not be committed in the future. In this sense the person is punished for crimes they have not committed. The punishment is not motivated by his actions, but by those potential actions of other potential idiots.

  2. Just a thought, a psycho slung a lump hammer at me because he thought everyone was evil as he was so drugged out, it missed like the fire extinquisher missed the cops and demonstrators. But the police took no action against the 40 year old guy who did this. So while you might think Woollard’s sentence was right, don’t expect the same if someone lobs something heavy at your heads!

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