A Fantastic Start…An Even Brighter Future…

In May 2010, BUCF elected its new committee, seven people that were to lead the society to new heights, and what a fantastic start we have made!  This blog shall recap some of our biggest and best achievements.

Our first official event saw members of BUCF meeting with one of the legendary female figures of the Conservative Party – Anne Widdecombe.

Summer time flew round, but BUCF, known as one of the most active CFs in the country continued to enjoy some fantastic events.  In July, members were invited to join the Bow Group for drinks on the terrace at the Houses of Parliament.  Just two weeks later, myself and members were to experience something I know we had all longed for for many years.  We joined fellow Tories for a drinks reception with Margaret Thatcher, a day that we shall always remember.  Although now a frail 85 year old, she looked ever the great leader, and the adoration she received that night was electrifying.  I was lucky enough to tell Lady Thatcher just how honoured I was to meet her, and that ‘she was my hero’.  Terribly cliche I know, but the words ‘bless you my darling, bless you’ made it seem perfectly acceptable!  We were treated to the only private photo that night with her, and I’m sure you will agree, it’s a brilliant one!

With only a small number of guests there, it gave us the chance to chat with the likes of Lord Ashcroft, David Davies and Chris Grayling.  Giving members the opportunity to attend events like these is something that as a committee we shall strive for throughout our next two terms.

The restart of Uni in September could mean only one thing – Freshers Week.  In two days BUCF signed up another 100 members, again proving us to be the largest political group on campus.

Birmingham was host City to this years Conservative Party Conference.  It was a great sight to see thousands of Tories descend upon the City to enjoy four days of politics and socialising.  Myself and others attended speeches by Osborne, Boris and even managed to bag a seat at Cameron’s closing speech.  The ICC was packed to rafters and the atmosphere was one of immense optimism that Government had the right people in power to tackle the country’s massive deficit and create change for the better.  It was fantastic to be a part of.  Monday 5 October saw us hosting our very own event.  Joined by Government Minister for Children and Families, Tim Loughton, and well known MP Chloe Smith, CF members from across the country gathered together for an evening of food, drink and general good fun.  We had some fantastic feedback about how much attendees enjoyed themselves and how impressed they were with the society.  The following day, myself and Tim were invited to take part in BBCs Newsnight, an audience discussion with Paxman and Home Secretary Theresa May on issues such as Child benefit reform, Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System.  All in all, Conference was fantastic, and BUCF certainly made its mark!


2010 saw the introduction of a brand knew concept to BUCF, ‘Tories on Tour’. Like most good plans, this one was dreamt up over a few pints at the end of a long night, but I saw the potential to make it happen, and in November, 11 members went on a jolly to Brussels.  Meeting up with Manchester CF, 21 young conservatives had four fantastic days away, visiting the European Parliament, sightseeing and making sure we tested out lots of Flemish beers.

To mark the festive period, BUCF enjoyed a wonderful Christmas event.  We hired the Vaults restaurant out and indulged in some fabulous food, with everyone looking very fine indeed.  Most definitely one of the highlights of the year!

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the committee who continue to make these wonderful events happen.  Hope to see you all very soon for a fantastic 2011…watch this space.


BUCF President





3 thoughts on “A Fantastic Start…An Even Brighter Future…

  1. Very well done Sophie and the committee. It’s been an excellent year so far and the events I’ve attended have been hugely enjoyable.

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