Tuition Fees

It’s been ever such a long time since I contributed to the BUCF blog and no doubt there has been much debate on this particular topic.

This has been taken from my personal blog. I posted this on December 14th:

It was inevitable that I would blog on this particular topic. I am writing today as the House of Lords have voted in favour of tuition fee reform. The system was in dire need of reform so I’m glad these changes are taking place.

Many of you will think that it’s very easy for me to say this seeing as in September 2012 I will no longer be part of the higher education system. Some of you will observe that I come from a fairly privileged background so wouldn’t care anyway. This is not true. Education, as a trainee teacher, is a subject close to my heart.

The truth is these changes will benefit students and graduates. The threshold for paying back will be raised to £21,000. Monthly payments will now be around £7 as opposed to £45 under the current system. Why is this new system being met with so much opposition.

And as for the student protests, I think the participants should be absolutely ashamed of their actions. Demo2010 has done nothing to support their cause whatsoever.

I have also read today that some members of the NUS are calling for Aaron Porter to resign as President because he has failed to participate in or endorse the protests. They forget that his job is too represent the views of students and that the majority of students took no part in the London protests or indeed regional protests. My message to Aaron Porter is this: I may not agree with all of your political views but stand your ground and do not bow to the pressure of the few.

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.


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