Anarchy in the NUS

A little bit late I know, apologies but BUCF have been out of the country and were sufficiently shocked upon our return to discover what students have been doing in London in our name. The protestors were demonstrating against the planned rise in tuition fees announced by the government. Now I must say that those who stormed CCHQ were a minority of the majority of protestors who had come down to London to exercise their democratic right to protest peacefully. Unfortunately the actions of these narrow minded individuals  have caused almost a complete nationwide loss of sympathy with students.

Although I am a Conservative (and proud of it) I will admit I am against a rise in tuition fees for reasons I have stated before. However, this is not the way to go about it, students need to lobby the government not riot at their headquarters. The only thing which this has achieved is to isolate the students from the wider society, many of whom are probably thinking “if this is how the act, they don’t deserve state funded education”. Can we blame them for thinking this of students?

If the NUS and other student groups want to further the case against a rise in fees they need to realise that they are not the only ones facing hard times in the next few years and although students will be paying more in the long-term once they are earning more, students don’t pay anything up front. To the thousands of public sector workers facing unemployment because of the mess which Labour left behind, these students rioting at an increase of a few thousand pounds must seem hopelessly out of touch and genuinely selfish. If students are looking for some one to blame, go to the Labour HQ; they introduced tuition fees, they introduced top fees and they let spending spiral out of control – come on fellow students don’t have such short memories, it insults your intelligence.

Tim Hasker

BUCF Vice President External

W.Midlands CF Deputy Regional Chairman


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