America at a crossroads

Polling stations have opened across the United States as Americans wake up to vote on all House seats and a third of the Senate. This is a crucial election for President Obama as the Mid-term elections are always seen as an indicator on the popularity and progress of a President’s term in office. However, with the Democrats set to lose control of the House of Representatives and Republicans predicted to make significant inroads to the Senate, this election could not have come at a worse time for the tarnished President.

As with the rest of the world the issue dominating this election is the economy. Many Americans feel that Obama has failed to deliver on his promise of recovering the economy with unemployment remaining at a stubborn 10%, economic growth has halted and the American housing bubble burst causing many American’s to lose their homes. Although it is fair to argue that Obama has been slow to react on these issues and his big government approach is most definitely not working, I think he has also been a victim of his own popularity and hype – he set the expectations too high, and as with Tony Blair after 1997 he is struggling to deliver.

Unfortunately Americans will have to wait until 2012 to get a Republican back in the White House, however, the comeback starts today and I as I am sure many Conservatives will look forward to a Republican revival throughout the day. As the British decided in May to reject the Big Government approach and instead opt for sensible Conservative policies to deliver us out of recession and back into growth so too hopefully will the Americans send a message to Obama paving the way for an end to his one term presidency in 2012.

Tim Hasker

BUCF Vice-President External

W.Midlands CF Deputy Regional Chairman


2 thoughts on “America at a crossroads

  1. If Sarah Palin or someone equivalent from the Tea party movement is selected to become the Republican’s Presidential candidate in 2012, it’ll be safe to say Obama will see two terms.

  2. “I am sure many Conservatives will look forward to a Republican revival throughout the day.”

    Not sure about that to be honest.

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