Oxbridge socialists

Over the last few weeks with the cuts the government is implementing you hear every now and then from our Labour friends that rather old class attack, that we a party full of toffs, and the Cabinet is full of rich people who all went to Oxbridge, and public school who are now cutting benefits for the poorest.

Anyway being rather bored this evening I thought I would have a little look at the Labour Party’s representativity of the British public. And I must say the results were rather….. amusing, so I thought I would share them.

Lets start with the current Shadow Cabinet! Now with their rhetoric you would have thought that their top brass would all be working class heroes. Well, no not really: 18% of them went to independent school, and a rather healthy 37% went to Oxbridge, now how surprising.

But the actual surprise comes when you look at the close links some of these people have with each other. Not that I would ever suggest nepotism in the slightest but we have among them in two of the most important position a husband and wife, Ed Balls, and Yvette Cooper; then we also have two twin sisters Maria and Angela Eagle; a fourth generation member of Parliament who is also the son of an ex Cabinet Minister; and that is not mentioning the main contestant for Ed Miliband the Labour leader was no other than his brother David!

Now that brings us neatly to the last Labour leadership contest were as just mentioned we have the two Miliband brothers and three other candidates of which every single one of them went to Oxbridge. Three went to Oxford, and Two went to Cambridge.

But then again take a slightly more historical perspective, and five out of the last eleven party leaders went to independent schools, and the same proportion went to Oxbridge.

Now am I just being terribly cynical or are we starting to see a pattern? Well it certainly is not Harriet Harman’s vision of matching the composition of Parliament to that of the social, economic, and gender image of the nation, by the way I think I forgot to mention she went toSt Paul’s School for Girls fact she conveniently does not mention of her website’s biography. Yes they have made Alan Johnson (for who I have a reasonable amount of respect I must say here) Shadow Chancellor even though he has not even got an ‘A’ level in Maths let as well economics and who was working at 15, however one swallow does not make spring I fear Mr Miliband.

Maybe before attacking the Conservative Party you may want to look at your own house first. And just to remind people the Conservative Party had the first woman MP to sit in the House Nancy Astor; an ethnic minority MP before the Labour Party even has representation in Parliament with Sir Mancherjee Bhownaggree, and must I say it the first woman Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, I would say that is not the worst record to defend, and we did it without the need for quotas or even debate on inclusion.

Maximillian Genoni

Blog Editor


4 thoughts on “Oxbridge socialists

  1. Yes but it does all come down to money doesn’t it?
    The Conservative Party doesn’t like to pay for my rent and wants to cut benefits across the board. The Conservative Party has a leader from one of the finest schools in the country, but I’m not so sure that David Cameron has ever lived a normal life on a normal salary or even (GASP) a wage. The reason why so many people, myself included, view the current Tory team as being unrepresentative of the ordinary person in this country is simple, David Cameron comes from a hugely avantageous position, and has never lived a normal life. Despite having had a disabled child he is planning to bring in measures that are disadvantageous to disabled people.
    Cameron talks about ‘Big Society’ when all I can state is, that my next door neighbour will not pay my rent, or provide me with work. All the government seems to want to do is offload responsibility as much as it can.
    Also I might add that this ‘entreprenurial spirit’ thing strikes me as so much crap. Most people I know who are examples of this business attitude spend all their time trying to flog rubbish no-one wants using the HARD sell. But hey lets stick it on the credit card eh, cos consumption is gooooood.
    I don’t actually have a political agenda that extends much beyond the financial to be honest. I might well come and see D. Hurd when he comes to speak at the Uni. God knows that many of the most entertaining speakers (Tony Benn excepted) are actually Tories. Nice people in a lot of ways, but sadly mistaken about the priorities of life, and not to be allowed within 10 feet of power over any other living thing. Take William Hague, what stunning biographies he has written, urbane and witty. But has he ever spent over a year out of work, and desperate to the point of utter despair? Could he even understand that? I doubt it. Although the same point could be made about most politicians. They are indoctrinated into Party politics at a young age, gain acceptance toward a Party line that may not actually match up in all areas to what they believe. It is then that they start to sell themselves out, bit by bit. Balancing one belief against another, bargaining day in and day out with their own morality on the line. By the time they get to power we are lucky if they have any principles left that are independent of Party, Party, Party.

    Remember the student fees fiasco? Tony Blair, (Labour yes, they aren’t perfect either.) made the debate into one of Party confidence in his ability to lead, and basically threatened to tear the whole Government apart with a vote of confidence unless he got his way and screwed the students over financially. The whole thing turned into a media circus over whether T. Blair would survive and in the crossfire the students and their views were annilhated. That is the really ugly side of politics.
    Now we have a Conservative government that this cutting lives and funds, throwing people into unemployment, and then chastising those who can’t cope because they aren’t pushy grasping (entreprenurial) bastards. Most people just want to work for a living, maybe even excel at it, but we don’t all worship the £. Not over family certainly. Just who is leading this Conservative government? A rich boy who has never worked outside the cloistered world of politics, a veritable dome of ignorance that keeps the real world out.

    So why oh why would I not vote Labour? Even if Milliband has the credibility and gravitas of a McDonalds ‘toy’ he still represents a Party that is meant to be dedicated to the ordinary working man, rather than being the leader of the Conservatives.
    The Tories
    Founded among the ‘Cavaliers’ of King Charles’ Army
    A Party that represented the landowning ‘elite.’
    Led now by an old Etonian. (And I taught at Malvern College, loved it, and know exactly how much these schools differ from normal schooling. Far better, but totally privileged and irrelevant to most people’s lives.)
    A mantra of ‘Big Society’ or rather, ‘As long as it doesn’t cost US anything.’

    But did the working class or the Lower Middle Class cause this recession? Why are they paying for it?

    I deviated, I’m sorry. It is late, and I got passionate. But seriously there is nothing new here in what I’m saying, that is the view of a silent majority, but no-one ever seems to explain why I’m wrong about DC and co. Maybe I’m not?

  2. Well my major point was not to judge if it is right or wrong to have a government dominated by people who grow up very comfortably, but rather to emphasis the fact that labour leaders are generally not from bad off families either. In other words the hypocrisy of the Labour party rhetoric. It is rather ironic if you damn Mr Cameron when you went to St Paul’s, or another expensive public, or independent school!

    At best if Labour could be overly simplistic and accuse said tories of being heartless rich kids whilst themselves being paternalistic careerist toffs.

    As to the economic austerity you are talking a out, may I remind you why both this time, and last time the Conservatives came to power they made deep cuts. Last time it was because the Labour party was in talks with the IMF to bail the country out, and this time because we were a about to have our credit rating downgraded, and were again facing Labour budget irresponsibility.

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