From the Democratic Republic of Europe……. national austerity versus European exuberance!

Governments all over Europe are implementing austerity, cutting the size of their civil services, cutting services, and investment in their economies, and raising taxes to sort out their public finances; and whilst European citizens are feeling the bite of these cuts our representatives in Brussels, have been trying to vote themselves an even bigger budget! Our MEP have suggested the EU budget rather than share the pain, should instead be increased by 5.9%.

So whilst we are suffering the loss of services and benefits in our every day lives, the European Union is investing inter alia in more staff for the MEP, and services which have functioned very well at national level for centuries, and is certainly not a core function of the EU like a new foreign relations service which is already massively over budget! 6h and of course regulating hedge funds which are for roughly 90% of them in London, and have very little to do with Europe.

Of course in a time of austerity,  it must seem natural for MEPs that we really need more bureaucrats duplicating work already done at national level very well. And naturally when our public servants are having their salaries frozen, and pensions reviewed, it is perfectly justifiable to agree to pay these new officials even more than our national ones. After  it seemed to them sensible to pay the European High Representative for Foreign Affairs more than the British Prime Minister, or even the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, even though she will have less responsibility!

Sometimes it is difficult to decide if our European representatives, and ‘bureaucratic bonapartes’ in Brussels, are completely cut off from reality, mad, or simply cynically jesting about how states if  they cannot ‘afford bread they should eat cake’ whilst emptying their champagne glasses, and looking forward to their next pay rise! Maybe it might be time for a new revolution, and figuratively speaking cut of a few more head.


2 thoughts on “From the Democratic Republic of Europe……. national austerity versus European exuberance!

  1. I’m a relative europhile, but I’d have to agree with the principal of what you’re saying. Whether or not you agree with the austerity measures, many european countries are trying to reduce their deficits in whatever means they see fit. The EU should follow suit, as it will create an international body completely out of touch with its own nation-state members, irrelevant whether or not it may agree with the details of widespread austerity.

  2. The other worry is that with the national states having to cut back, whilst the EU level expends its spending that actually the national governments will be squeezed out of domains which make much more sense for them to administer. And by default, rather than design we gain a two tear system where there is EU government and local government, with national state government becoming redundant.

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