Reading a degree in history has taught me to always look at the different sides of an argument or debate, and it is a principle I try to apply to most circumstances.

The story that a centre for Muslim worship is set to be opened just two blocks from Ground Zero has provoked fierce argument.  On the one hand, of course I can understand people’s anger at what they call a ‘disrespectful’ proposal, it is only human nature to be angry at something that caused so much destruction and took so many innocent people’s lives. That ‘something’ though was not Islam, it was a set of extremists intent on spreading their ideas through terrorist acts.  The Muslim population of New York has the right to peacefully worship their God and practice their faith.  The division over the proposal and the rows that have broken out will only fuel those extremists into continued action.

Whilst I have read and heard lots of view points on the matter, the following poem for me sums up everything perfectly, and so  I thought it only pertinent to share it with you.  These are the wise words of one man who served 26 years in the armed forces.

In Arlington we lay to rest

our bravest and our very best.

We send our children off to war

defending what we soon ignore.


“You’re free to worship,” so we say.

“But if you’re muslim, go away.”

Is this what they were dying for:

Intolerance, and nothing more?


Must one be christian to obtain

the liberties that we proclaim?

These soldiers died for liberty.

They didn’t die for bigotry.


So look upon this hallowed field,

not only crosses are revealed.

For you’ll see stars and crescents too.

They also sacrificed for you.


In Arlington we lay to rest

our bravest and our very best.

They knew what they were dying for.

It’s something that we can’t ignore.


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