CF Elections 2010: Dan Horrocks – West Midlands Regional Chairman Candidate

Although BUCF does not officially endorse any of the Regional Chairman candidates as we have not had a membership vote to decide such an endorsement. We have however, given each candidate the opportunity to write a blog for the BUCF website putting their argument for why we should vote for them. Here is Dan Horrocks’s;

“This is a brilliant time to be involved in Conservative Future, for many, all we have known is a Labour Government and therefore to have the Tories back in office is not only very exciting but the well deserved reward of years of campaigning. A campaign which Conservative Future has been at the heart of, after all this election has been essential in determining the future of our nation and our politics. An election victory has not secured the future of our party, with the difficult decisions now facing David Cameron and the consequences of the coalition a strong Conservative Future is increasingly vital.

Nowhere is this more important than in the West Midlands, an area of great contrast in the election results. As Regional Chairman I would ensure Conservative Future in the West Midlands continues to be a force for campaigning and political activism, maintaining our vast majorities in the region while fostering support in areas we failed to gain during the election.

I am qualified for this undertaking due to my experience as Area Chairman of the Black Country and Chairman of Dudley where we have increased active membership resulting in consistently high turnouts to political and social events; something which I want to see replicated across the whole region. This level of participation from our members was vital to our election success in the Black Country where three out of four parliamentary candidates were elected, emphasising the importance of Conservative Future to election victories. Membership is one of my top priorities and as Regional Chairman I will encourage an increase in membership drives to take advantage of areas with undiscovered young Conservatives.

However, with an increase in membership and its demographic comes the need to create a diverse Conservative Future that is responsive to the needs of all its members. In Dudley our membership spans in age from children starting school to adults in their late 20s thus, the need for diverse events to accommodate our members is essential for the success of the branch. In CF across the West Midlands I will encourage a greater variety of events so that no one in CF is left behind. This will range from under 18 events to guest speakers and of course the socials which had made CF famous.

One thing which Conservative Future in the West Midlands really needs, if it is to expand, is improved cooperation between the branches. Although I am a strong believer in Localism and the importance of independent branches, we have to work together if we are to build on our election successes and learn from our failures. In order to do this I will be creating an active West Midlands Executive consisting of the Area Chairmen who will organise regional campaign days in our key marginals and appoint a Deputy Regional Chair from the region.

As a born and bred West Midlander I am passionate about the region, almost as passionate as I am about our party. If given the opportunity to be your Regional Chairman I will work relentlessly to improve the reputation, increase the membership and ultimately secure a Conservative future for the West Midlands!

Dan Horrocks

West Midlands Regional Chairman Candidate”


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