CF Elections 2010: Ben Howlett – National Chairman Candidate

Although BUCF does not officially endorse any of the National Chairman candidates as we have not had a membership vote to decide such an endorsement. We have however, given each candidate the opportunity to write a blog for the BUCF website putting their argument for why we should vote for them. Here is Ben Howlett’s; 

“Conservative Future must change to become representative of every member, of every region across the UK.

 With a new Conservative Government we have the opportunity to become more fun, build a strong reputation, encourage greater involvement, increase membership and represent the under 30s across the country.

 Over the last few months I have met members and supported events in places including Manchester, Liverpool, Wales, Bristol, Bath, Devon, Surrey, Brighton, Norwich, Essex, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, London, York, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle and Stoke-on-Trent.  My firm commitment to you is that I will continue this passion to get everyone involved across the UK, whether you are left or right wing, are currently working, a graduate or student.

 As a member of Conservative Future for over 5 years, as a Councillor and Branch Chairman in Essex, as a President of Durham University Conservatives and as a member of Cambridge University Conservatives, I’ve been part of CF at many levels, but I remain committed to empowering the grassroots.  We must work together to improve our organisation and I make a promise to you that I will fight to make CF properly led by its membership.

 We must work together to ensure we improve our image as an organisation and stop blasé comments that cause disenfranchisement and concern.  We need to channel our enthusiasm to get involved through the right processes while maintaining the fun factor.

 To ensure that the ideas for change to come are not isolated, the policies I have presented throughout my election campaign have been a combination of your ideas and mine.  To ensure that I implement your ideas, I have written a contract of ideas that members would like me to implement and you can hold me to account:

 1. Return the leadership of CF to its members

2. Create a Conservative Future Policy Forum

3. Create more regional campaign and social events

4. Implement decentralisation, empowering branches and regions

5. Reintroduce the National Conservative Future Achievement Awards

6. Introduce the right to recall executive members and improve accountability

7. Improve national communications

8. Produce and implement a national strategy on schools and colleges, universities and NUS and Working Life

9. Establish an achievable fundraising and business plan

10. Improve the reputation of Conservative Future 
CF must be an inclusive organisation, whether left or right wing we can all work together to ensure that the Conservative Party win an outright majority in Parliament and get more Councillors and AMs elected.  We must also ensure that if Boris decides to stand, we all get behind his campaign for re-election as Mayor of London and retain this crucial foothold.

 I truly am the only national candidate and I hope to involve you more in CF in the future.  I look forward to working with all of you and having more fun.         

Ben Howlett,

CF National Chairman Candidate, 



Mobile: 07800 863161        


Twitter: @cllrbenhowlett # backben “


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