Quick Decisions

Health Minister Anne Milton had suggested last week that the free milk scheme for under five’s should be scraped in order to save an estimated 50 million pounds.  David Cameron however claimed that he had no idea that this proposal had been thought of, and dismissed it.

I believe the decision to be a mistake.  The cost of providing this free milk is a sizeable sum, but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that its provision increases the health of the children that have access to it.  The policy has been in place since the Second World War, but with rationing, the provision of the milk scheme ensured that children had daily access to an amount of milk that would help sustain them, therefore making it a vital scheme.  This vitality simply does not exist anymore.  It was a valid proposal and one that should have been considered at greater length before it was dismissed.


BUCF President


One thought on “Quick Decisions

  1. I completely agree Soph. This was just another example of Camerons desperation to distance himself from the legacy of this countrys most successful Prime Minister.

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