BUCF meets the Iron Lady

On Tuesday BUCF were lucky enough to meet the greatest living Prime Minister and by far the greatest since Winston Churchill. I am of course talking of Margaret Thatcher, she was guest of honour at the Conservative Way Forward Summer Reception and BUCF were there, enjoying a private audience with the Iron Lady herself. Although frail; Lady Thatcher has still got it, attracting a huge crowd of strong supporters who greeted the Baroness with such devotion that I have never seen before towards a politician. Among the crowd were veterans of the Party and a surprising number of the younger generation emphasising the support Thatcherism and the Conservative Party has with people our age. The number of young people at the event shocked even the great Lady herself whose first comment was “Gosh they’re all so young”.

The CWF summer reception was attended by a number of other Party greats such as Lord Ashcroft; a man who has done so much for our Party and definitely does not get the thanks he deserves. This was most definitely an enjoyable event and a fantastic opportunity for BUCF to make its presence known to some of the Party’s giants. So far the new committee has already been lucky enough to obtain tickets to see Ann Widdecombe, an invitation for drinks at Parliament and thanks to the help of BUCF’s most successful President (present incumbent excluded) a private audience with the Iron Lady. With Conference coming to Birmingham in October this year is only going to get better for BUCF and we look forward to the continued support of our members and patrons within the Party.

Under a Coalition Government (one which in the circumstances I believe is necessary for the good of the country) it is important that groups such as the CWF continue to grow, to ensure that the Conservative ideals that we believe in are not diluted or forgotten!   

Tim Hasker

Vice-President External


4 thoughts on “BUCF meets the Iron Lady

  1. In the words of the oh so neutral Politics lecturer Peter Kerr, “please remember to give her a big kiss from me – a Glasgow kiss!!!! lol”

  2. “thanks to the help of BUCF’s most successful President (present incumbent excluded”???

    Tim you flatter me!! lol Seriously though It was a wonderful event, Mrs Thatcher is a lady in every sense of the word and I was delighted to be able to have played a part in introducing the fantastic and formidable BUCF to CWF one of the giants of the Conservative movement. A truly unique event and one which I’m sure will stay will us all for a very long time. On a seperate note kudos to the new committee on such a flying start. I’m sure you will continue to build on both my and Sahars committees work and take bucf to even greater heights.

  3. Well it is deserved Dan, and I am sure Sophie will easily match and beat your record :)lol. It was a fantastic event and I do really have a good feeling for the success of this year. We hope and I know you will stay involved.

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