From the Democratic Republic of Europe… On the latest power grab

With the debt crisis that is slowly spreading around Europe, with the ongoing Greek crisis, Hungarian officials warning about the risk of a crisis there, and still worries about inter alia Spain, the European Union, pushed by Germany is on another power grab.
States can sometimes be less than fully candid about the true states of their finances, the European solution: centralise.
After wanting to regulate hedge funds which are almost all in London, and not directly a community issue, and more European regulation they now want to check national budgets before they are seen by national Parliaments.
The presidency emphasises that these measures would only mean that European institutions and other European countries’ Finance Ministers had access and to check the ‘main aggregates, like total revenues, total spending and deficit targets’, not to check ‘in detail or to be decided upon’.
The main point here is not that the British budget would be scrutinised by European institutions and foreign governments, which objectively can enhance transparency and accountability, but the fact that the Union is trying to insist seeing the national budgets before the national Parliaments get to see them.
It is a matter of national sovereignty, and democratic principle that it is Parliament who first discovers the budget. The British people have fought civil wars to establish the primacy of our representatives in Parliament over our public finances. It could be argued that this is just a symbolic stand, and that there are no practical effects, but symbols matter, and it matters that Parliament does not only have full authority over the national budget, but is also seen to have primacy over the national budget. Unfortunately today it does not suffice for the European Union to challenge primacy of Parliament over our finances  in practice and erode its capacity to decide on our levels of taxation, and financial regulation, it now desires also to eradicate the symbolic of national parliament supremacy over public finances.
This is I would suggest, just the latest in a long line of moves to erode national sovereignty, both practically and symbolically, and gradually attempts to establish itself as a federal state. And if we do not want to lose what is left of our sovereignty, at some point our government will have to turn round and say NO, no, and no! This is a fight on principle, and it is time that our politicians stand by their principles, and values!


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