Double Standards

Today David Leppard of The Times reveals that a Indian muslim televangelist who is said to, I quote, be a ‘hate-monger’ , and who has in youtube videos said he was with Osama Bin Laden if he is ‘terrorising America the terrorist’, and that ‘ever muslim should be a terrorist’ has been granted a visa to the United Kingdom.

The Times Article

Now I find the idea of letting people into the UK with the intentions to undermine our democratic values, and traditions distasteful per se, it is however adding insult to injury when there is an obvious application of double standards. Only last year  Geert Wilders was refused entry to Britain to show his film Fitna, a critique on Islam, because his statements about Islam would threaten community harmony.
This allowing of hate preaching by certain parts of society, but the silencing of other parts of society with controversal views is certainly not going to promote good inter community relations. It is simply going to allow the spread of radicalism on both sides. On one side religious hate is promoted unchallenged; on the other a feeling of injustice, unfair treatment, and discrimination boils under the surface. All these double standards are doing is playing into the hands of extremists on both sides, including the BNP.

Hopefully this new government is going to rethink the policies which have been applied over the last few years. It is time for a bit more equality before the law…


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