The War of the Fading Roses

So the election has been, Gordon Brown probably one of the worst Prime Minister this country has had, has finally vacated the political arena; and a Conservative again resides in number 10. His long awaited departure however has left vacant his position as leader of the Labour party, and personal ambitions have again been let lose.
Tony Blair was a gulp of fresher air for the party when he took the leadership, youngish, charismatic, with a new agenda. Someone people could be exited to support. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going back on my conservative beliefs, but he was, even I will admit, something new in British politics.
That promise however was , to a large degree squandered, and his reputation smeared with the Iraq war. His inept, dure, and scheming Chancellor who had spent years backstabbing him for the top job that he had failed to secure, after inter alia, failing to regulate the banking system, selling of the gold reserves at minimum price, and stacking up huge deficits off and on balance sheet, was promoted.
Now, I must say though the candidates who vie for his empty throne to me at least seem equally uninspiring and dull.

We have as leading contestants Balls, one of Brown’s closest economic advisers, in other words the man that was really behind the ballsing up of the economy; and is equally as responsible as his former master for the mess we are in now. And will all due respect, not wanting to sounds like Nigel Farrage about the European President, he may make an excellent inept back room adviser, he most certainly lacks the charisma of a leader.
We have Andy Burnham, I can’t really think what to say about him, sorry Andy but bland would probably be a compliment. The only think that springs to mind is his fight with the expenses authority getting upset when they said no.
And then of course we have the real interesting part of the fight, the two Miliband boys. One the smooth talking ex Foreign Secretary; the other seemingly generally in his shadow. At least this adds a small twist to this dull race
There is nothing there to form any real excitement or passion, they go from the mildly distasteful, to the mildly alright. There is no real wonder that this contest is sparking no real enthusiasm. In fact the most interesting it has got so far I would say was when Diane Abbott decided to get in the race, giving this contest at least one person with a vivid ‘personality’.

In a well functioning democracy a strong, and constructive opposition is vital, unfortunately Labour looks as likely to provide this, as they did good government for the last thirteen years.


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