A New Start…

As you are aware BUCF has recently had its AGM, and a new committee has been formed. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the candidates, members elect, and especially Sophie Shrubsole, our new Chair. But also and foremost, all the members who came to the AGM and are BUCF!

As new blog editor my agenda is to give a new start to the BUCF blog and reestablish it as one of the leading conservative online communities for the sharing of ideas and views.

This goal will only be possible with a pluralistic approach, with the contributions of all our members. For this blog to remain a success it needs to represent the modern conservative movement in all its diversity. I hope therefore you will all partake in this endeavour, and appropriate this space during the oncoming year….

Maximillian Genoni

Blog Editor 10/11


2 thoughts on “A New Start…

  1. Haha cheers Max, amusingly we were just talking about you, and that it will be a blog battle of the maxs lol

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