New Committee elected…

Last Tuesday BUCF held its AGM to elect a new committee. The AGM saw a record turnout and the following members were elected onto the committee;

Sophie Shrubsole – President

Adam Michael Jenner – Vice President Internal

Tim Hasker – Vice President External

Alasdair Johnstone – Treasurer

Helen Smyth – Secretary

Maximillian Genoni – Blog Editor

Owen V. Williams – Publicity Officer

All of us on the new committee would like to thank the outgoing President Sahar Rezazadeh and her committee for all the hard work they did for our society over the last year especially in the run up to the General Election.

With the new energy David Cameron has brought to Downing Street, so do we on the new committee under Sophie hope to invigorate BUCF to deliver a bright and prosperous year.

We all look forward to getting started!

Tim Hasker

BUCF Vice President (External) 10/11

BUCF Committee 10/11


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