Onwards and Upwards

I cannot even attempt to outline here the achievements, the records, the breakthroughs and the commitment that has prevailed in the society, in the past year.

The first term was very exciting for us all with a lot of activity within the society and the past two terms have been no different, if not even better!

In February, David Cameron came to visit the Edgbaston constituency with a Cameron Direct event in the ward of Bartley Green. Members were given the opportunity to meet with the now Prime Minister as well as question his views on various issues including tuition fees.

I then organised a campaign workshop to give members the opportunity to learn more about how to run a campaign, both offline and online.

In March, we had a special visit from Andrew Mitchell, now International Development Secretary, for lunch. Members were given the opportunity to learn more about the Conservative Party policy on aid to developing countries and so on.

Members of BUCF joined City Leader, Mike Whitby for lunch at the Council House in April where we learnt about lots of the great work that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition do here.

Campaigning and political activity has been at its optimum this year and to prove their dedication BUCF members woke up at an ungodly hour for the dawn raid on election day:

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible. Thank you to the members as I’ve always emphasised that without you this society would have lost its purpose. Thank you to the committee who have dedicated long and hard hours to contribute to the cause and serve the membership. Thank you to the patrons and supporters of BUCF from across the city and country who have never held back in praising the work that has been done in the past year.

I will be standing down this evening and I hope that a new, fresh and energized committee will take over and continue to take the society from strength to strength. I would like to wish them the best in doing that! Events of the past few weeks have proven that a young activist presence is essential if we want to win back Birmingham so lets not be complacent. Thank you all for your confidence. Onwards and upwards!


4 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Great blog Sahar, this year has seen some really great examples of how BUCF work politically and socially. I am for one very proud as I know many others are too!


  2. Mike Whitby and his huge amounts of food has to go down as my favourite event…

    Hopefully next year will be an even better one!

    Jon x

  3. Well done Sahar. I feel really privileged to have been part of BUCF this year and one of the main reasons has been your leadership. You’ve taken BUCF to new heights and the society has achieved so much this year because of your hard work and dedication.

    I know that Sophie will build upon the foundations you have built and i wish her and the new committee the best of luck for 2010/11.

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