Honesty and Policy

Thanks to the final leader’s debate being held on our campus BUCF has been enjoying local, national and even international coverage for the past two days! All members being interviewed by various radio stations and television networks used the opportunity to get the Conservative message out.

As I made clear in an interview with Nick Owen, this election will be won on honesty and policy. We only need to remember the events of the past three days to be reminded of the dishonesty of the Labour leadership (RE: BigotGate). On the other hand, we only need to remember Nick Cleggs waffle in the final debate when attempting to outline his party’s policy on immigration. It appears that they do not have a policy on immigration (or anything else).

David Cameron came out very well in the final debate. As Benedict Brogan in The Daily Telegraph said, Cameron had saved his best for last. He dominated the debate by outlining coherent and concrete policy; this was the backdrop of his success. In response to Nick Owen’s question of what I expected from Cameron in the debate I said a clear outline of how the Conservative Government would deal with the country’s financial mess had to be made as this is crucial for voters. He did exactly that! Onwards and upwards.


One thought on “Honesty and Policy

  1. Perhaps you could explain what his £6bn of efficiency savings are then please as I’m still confused as to what they are. This word “efficiency” is very vague.

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