Desperate Labour Fight Dirty

With the date of the General Election expected to be announced by Gordon Brown 14 days from now, there is no doubt that many vulnerable Labour MP’s (which are many) will resort to running a dirty campaign to hang on to their seat.  With no policies of substance and a record of being the worst government in history this isn’t very surprising. Labour haven’t been afraid to use negative campaigning in the past with Derek Draper and Damian McBride involved in the infamous ‘smeargate’ scandal.

In Birmingham’s most marginal seat, it seems as if the MP with her back against the wall and fast running out of ideas has also adopted this approach: I must say it’s a shame when politicians slump to such a low and begin to make outrageous and incorrect claims about their opponent in the face of defeat. However the Conservatives are prepared to deal with such tactics and know that by focusing their campaign on the strength of their policy, the talent of the Shadow Cabinet and the theme of change they will succeed in winning the seats they require.

Amil Khan


4 thoughts on “Desperate Labour Fight Dirty

  1. If you’re a Labour MP who is virtually unemployable in any other walk of life and when you can’t campaign on your record or your policies, throwing dirt is the only strategy that remains.

  2. Deirdre Alden has few policies beyond the issue of Wheelie bins. A discussion over crime that I have had with her sticks in my mind as she evidently didn’t know what the BCS was. To be fair she was clear on her biblical opposition to same sex marriage but didn’t elaborate.

    And is this not the Deirdre Alden who released a leaflet titled ‘Ten things you didn’t know about Deirdre’ which included, among other Palinite stupidities, the announcement that she swims the backstroke?

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