Dinner With Sir John Major

Last night, BUCF were fortunate enough to be invited to Stoke on Trent to have dinner with the great ex-Prime Minister Sir John Major. The event which was organised to raise money for the local PPC’s in Staffordshire was extremely successful and what was especially uplifting, was the fact that a majority of the audience of over 100 people were in their teens or 20’s.

This is just another sign of the rising support that the Conservative Party is receiving from the Britain’s young people who, having had lived a majority of their lives under the defunct, inept and deceitful Labour governments of Blair and Brown have now chosen the ‘Party of Change’ in 2010.

Sir John spoke in depth to members of BUCF and was especially interested in their campaigning achievements and their charity fund-raising, such as for Help4Heroes.

The ex-Prime Minister also gave an extremely rousing speech to the whole audience which was greatly received. He spoke of the need for change in Britain, his immense confidence in Cameron’s leadership, and his opinion of Labour’s dire 13 years in government.

Finally he ended the evening by highlighting the fact that; “a party which makes the wrong decisions, on the most important choices, at every opportunity should never have the chance to govern” and that is why we need to work hard throughout Britain to rid ourselves of this despicable Labour government.

BUCF thanks the members of the Conservative Party in Staffordshire for inviting us to meet with John Major and for giving us the opportunity to listen to a man who knows only too well how important it is to have the Conservative Party in Government.

Daniel Cole


11 thoughts on “Dinner With Sir John Major

  1. As a resident of Stoke, I would bet that the vast majority of people at the dinner were from outside of Stoke-on-Trent. The Conservatives have little to no support in these 3 constituencies, so much so that the BNP are the only party who threaten to break Labour’s stranglehold.

    The people of Stoke-on-Trent still despise the Conservatives based on what happened to the miners, and as today was the 25th anniversary of the miners strike (which is being widely commemerated in the city), I’m not surprised this is the first I’ve heard of Major being in the city. You only need to look at the reception Edwina Currie got last Wednesday at a Question Time style event hosted to discuss the miners to see the contempt people have for the Tories here.

    Stoke-on-Trent will never be blue. People were too hurt. They are being hurt again and I fully expect Conservative councillors Ross Irving and Roger Ibbs to be shown the door. Maybe if the Conservatives were in touch with the working class they wouldn’t be the 4th choice party in places like this.

  2. seem to have touched a nerve. ‘You’ might be surprised to hear that the vast majority were from Stoke and its surroundings, but don’t let that stop you from attempting to deflect from Labour’s failure

  3. ‘great prime minister john major’. it’s amazing how you tories contradict yourself. when he was in power he was disliked by the whole country including your own party; so much so that john redwood challenged him for the leadership. it’s also his fault u tories are in the sorry state you are now in as he was pm when he led to you to the worst defeat in modern times. but i guess he becomes great in your eyes when you have dinner with him

  4. Actually Sam, ALL of those things you have just said are completely untrue!
    John Major polled more votes than any other Prime Minister to win the election in 1992. He was liked by the Conservative Party and many others, being described in countless books and specific biographies as the ‘nice guy of politics’. Furthermore, he led the country from a recession that he did indeed inherit from Mrs Thatcher, out of it, and handed over a fantastically strong economy to Mr Blair. These are the facts, whether you choose to listen to them or not.
    It was a bad defeat in ’97, are we are the first to accept that. In fact Sir John said yesterday that the country probably did need a change from Conservatism after 18 years in Government – a humble man too then I might add!

  5. I am not denying he wasn’t a humble man, i’m just saying he wasn’t a great pm as this posr suggests he is. I agree he was the ‘nice guy of politics’ as you put it’; no doubt he would have been disgusted with your conduct of behaviour and the negative campaigning you and your society took part in that has now become well publicised. and if he is as popular as you suggest he was explain how the tories polled their lowest showing in any election?

  6. Daniel, with all due respect you don’t seem to be in touch with the political scene in Stoke-on-Trent. The closure of the mines is still a huge talking point in this city. There was a big political debate about it last Wednesday, so much so that it was given big coverage in The Sentinel, which is the local paper here. By contrast, there was no mention in the paper of John Major being in town.

    If you think that the Conservatives are in a position to gain from Labour’s failings in Stoke-on-Trent, think again. The BNP have more councillors than the Conservatives, while over half of councillors are independent. No-one trusts the Tories here, hence why the BNP are second favourites to win a seat. I have never once seen a Conservative leaflet and apart from in Stoke Central, I have no idea if anyone is standing for the Tories. I only know who’s standing in Stoke Central because there was a big story about her being a belly dancer!

    It is the Conservatives failings to solve the problems in places like Stoke which will mean that you won’t win the election.

  7. “This is just another sign of the rising support that the Conservative Party”-Despite the narrowing of the polls

    “The ex-Prime Minister also gave an extremely rousing speech”-I know Brown isn’t exactly riviting but, Mr Grey, really?

    ““a party which makes the wrong decisions, on the most important choices, at every opportunity should never have the chance to govern””-Sounds like the Tories personally, minnimum wage, devolution, sure start, right to see cancer specialist within 2 weeks, northern rock and the financial crisis in general (bar the 10 days Dave supported the bail-out, but he doesn’t like to mention that).

  8. It sounds like you guys had an amazing time and thanks Dan for reporting back.

    Anyone who knows my politics will know that I am a big fan of people power and John Major’s Citizen Charter was an initiative based on exactly that principle!

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