Brown Out!

I know this entry is a little bit late but I thought a look back at last weeks excitement was needed, in light of the speech given my David Cameron today.

Last saturday members of BUCF attended a rally against Gordon Brown as he launched his laughable “A future fair for all” campaign. The rally was a massive success and actually resulted in passers-by joining the protest, highlighting the strength of support the Conservative cause has from the British public.

The impact which we had was furthered by the presence of the British Press, we made it onto Sky News, BBC News, ITN, Channel Four News and we were also mentioned on a number of internet blogs most notably Guido Fawkes.  

We definitely took Labour by surprise, so much so that when Gordon Brown left they had to organise supporters to drown out our protest, this was a futile attempt and it was us who drowned them out.

The fight is really starting to kick off now! With the protest last week, the campaign workshop yesterday and the inspirational speech delivered by Cameron today, a desire for change is in the air. BUCF is ready for the general election, so bring it on and let us give Britain the change it wants and needs!

Tim Hasker


24 thoughts on “Brown Out!

  1. ‘we made it onto Sky News, BBC News, ITN, Channel Four News and we were also mentioned on a number of internet blogs most notably Guido Fawkes’. Once again this post shows how you Tories lack any substance at all,just interested in image rather than policy.

  2. Oh please coming from the party that is using a recycled slogan. Living off past success because they know their current policies will not provide ‘a future fair for all’ but instead a future full of debt. A party that is costing this country £685million per day, a party that has destroyed our education system and NHS by infecting it with bureaucracy and red tape, a party which has destoyed all trust in politics and left us with the worst deficit crisis in 60 years. If Gordon Brown and Labour want to talk about policy they should get some guts and call the election! Because we’re ready to win!

  3. If this is what the public want, why is it that the latest opinion polls have the Conservatives with a lead of just 2 points, which would translate to Labour having the most MP’s in Parliament? It seems that the public don’t believe the Conservatives are capable of offering change, and more and more people are now realising that Cameron is all spin and no substance.

    The lowering lead shows that, far from wanting the supposed change from the Conservatives, the public don’t want it. As for it being an inspirational speech, it was the same old. Full of nice soundbites but no substance. The public want substance and they’re getting a pie made from pretty pastry but no filling.

    All we’re hearing is “Labour is rubbish, we need change”, but what would the Tories change? Who knows! It was summed up for me yesterday in Morecambe when I witnessed a poster from someone saying that the country needed fixing. Then underneath the name “Ian from Congleton”, which is about as blue as you can get!

  4. If you want policy, how about this;

    More funding for the NHS

    Headteachers to be put in charge of school discipline

    450,000 new apprenticeships, college and training places

    Guaranteed continuation of the minimum wage and child benefit

    A cut in stamp duty for first time homebuyers

    A recognition of marriage in the tax system

    A two year freeze in council tax

    The abolition of inheritance tax for all families except millionaires

    Restoring the link between the basic state pension and earnings

    Free long-term care for every pensioner who buys an £8,000insurance policy

    No more early release for convicted criminals

    New laws that will give householders more rights against burglars

    A new British Bill of Rights that will end the nonsenses of Labour’s Human Rights Act

    A cut in net immigration of 75%

    Never to Britain joining the Euro

    A Green Deal that will mean you can insulate your home now and pay the costs over time through lower energy bills

    A high-speed railway network that will connect north and southand boost the UK economy

    A cut in the cost of politics including a 10% cut in the number of MPs and a 5% cut in ministers’ pay

  5. Paid for, the majority of these cost efficiency policies. It is Labour not the Conservatives who can’t pay for their policies. To quote William Hague;

    “Gordon Brown is like a credit card company who will always send you another letter saying it would be so easy when in debt to borrow evenmore. Every family, every small business, everyone except thisGovernment knows it is the road to ruin.”

  6. “More funding for the NHS”-All that’s been said here is that it will be protected not increased and where will this money come from? I thought the Tories wanted to tackle the deficit

    “A recognition of marriage in the tax system”-Again, where is the money for this going to come from? And personally, I don’t think throwing money at a problem that’s largely cultural and moralistic will solve anything.

    “The abolition of inheritance tax for all families except millionaires”-Oh, so the top 3% of families you mean. Pity Dave and Boy George never talk about it anymore

    “Never to Britain joining the Euro”-And you accuse us of recycling ideas

    “A high-speed railway network that will connect north and southand boost the UK economy”-Pity you can’t support the high-speed rail from London to Brum

    “A cut in the cost of politics including a 10% cut in the number of MPs and a 5% cut in ministers’ pay”-That’s all very well, but what AV system that grants the British people greater democracy and plurality. Quite ironic, the current system you support heavily favours Labour

  7. Ah so Labour are admitting that there is a deficit that needs to be tackled. Nice for them to final face reality. I wish the same were true for Gordon Brown and not just the grass roots of the party.

    We will tackle the deficit by abolishing your bureaucracy. For example,we will cut the cost of NHS administration by a third and transfer resources that Labour is currently wasting on bureaucracy to support doctors and nurses on the frontline.

    A recognition of marriage in the tax system is purely a measure for equality. As our tax system currently benefits single people and punishes those who get married. I thought Labour were the party for equality and fairness for all? The last 13 years would disagree with that. As the gap between the richest and poorest is the largest that it has been in 40 years. Wheres the equality?

    With inheritance tax, why should average people who save all their lives be made to give the government such a large percentage. Maybe Whitehall should look at tightening its own belt before it starts tightening the British publics’. You ask us how we are going to fund are policies and I tell you, its through efficiency, spending where necessary, cutting where money is wasted. Whereas, Labour will fund their policies by taxes and increased borrowing, plunging this country into further debt. Every second will allow Gordon Brown to stay in his unelected position he costs us £6000. For the sake of Britain he has to go.

    Not even the dead are safe from Gordon’s money grabbing ways, the proposed death tax is a cruel way to pay for National Health Care. By contrast the Conservatives will help elderly people through insurance schemes that will allow them to live in their own home for as long as possible.

    And that is how Gordon Brown and Labour will pay for their ‘future fair for all’ through taxing the British public at a time when they need all the money they can save.

    We can’t let Gordon Brown and Labour continue to ruin this country.

  8. Hmm, that’s annoying, wont let me cut and paste from previous text, ah well, will take long route.

    “Ah so Labour are admitting that there is a deficit that needs to be tackled.”-Did I say that? You can’t take the patient out of intensive care and shove him straight into the gym to work off the deficit.

    “why should average people who save all their lives be made to give the government such a large percentage.”-You kind of missed the point I made there, this would help the top 3% of families, it’s hardly your “average people” here. And also, why should this money then be given to someone who has totally not earnt it? There are thousands of starving people around the world, give it to them rather than create a plutocracy.

    Yes inequality is higher, not stupid enough to deny the figures (or highly exagerate them), but while the gap has grown, this rate has slown right down from the days of good ol’ Maggie, where to be frank, it virtually sky-rocketed.

    “Labour will fund their policies by taxes and increasing borrowing, plunging this country into further.”-Now I’m master of economics but usually if you do those two things doesn’t that mean it will stay the same? Just a thought

  9. Well I am not going to deny that there are millions of starving people around the world, but lets stick with Britain for the time being. Gordon Brown is too quick to make a domestic issue into a global one, lets not forget he did the save the world, for which we should all be grateful for. However, you wont catch me thanking him for it anytime soon.

    Also under the Thatcher, the rich did get richer and I am not going to apologise for that. A society can only grow if it has a prosperous population surely you being the self proclaimed “master of economics” (see typo above) can understand that. However, the standard of living increased for all people under Thatcher. I will leave it for her to prove for I am not a master of economics

  10. Hmm, yeh, stupid typo, lol!

    Seen the video and while overall living standards did go up, wouldn’t it be better to leave the rich where they were and then bring the poor up or has the “trickle-down effect” not reached that stage yet? Talk about plutocracy

    “but lets stick with Britain for the time being. Gordon Brown is too quick to make a domestic issue into a global one,”-So in what your saying is that we shouldn’t use the money to help them? And yes he makes domestic issues into global ones but we are living in a globalised economy, if it effects us domestically it’s bound to effect the world in some form or another. It is a huge pity though Dave and Boy George don’t ike to mention the tax breaks though, it is the one policy they have stuck with for more than 3 days :p

  11. Oh and forgot to say. “Vote for change”-And you accuse us of recycling ideas, at least our are original, since no other politician has used that as a slogan in the past few years

  12. K’OH etc – we just had a lot of fun making the most of the opportunity to tell Gordon Brown what we really think of him! Image was the furthest thing from our thoughts… otherwise I might have actually done something about my own appearance (could have done with a hairbrush)!

  13. Not the soundest tactical move, maybe if it organised a little better, but then there’s the motive for it. “Brown Out”? “Time For Real Change”? Why? What change? Make little sense, too general, fail to focus, fail to compel, small scale, amateurish – a shouting match? Really?; fail to name the Party, unless posing as general public, but again too small scale, yet still the justification – sense of self righteousness – bright, blinding type. There’s no policy here, it’s not about policy, goal to sabotage the other, not strenthen the Party, therefore aware of potential for Labour rally to strengthen Labour Party – need for sabotage, hope for transference of publicity especially. Overall, then, – sabotage. Petty.

  14. Good Morning, I ended up going to bed tired of Labour crying about a few protesting students. They really do hate it when we beat them at their own game. For protest is the instrument of Labour, the glorious party of the working class. Well I dont think anyone would call them that anymore.

    Petty, I think not. Petty is dressing as the Prime Minister outside a conference. Petty is storming the conference while the Prime Minister is making a speach. Petty is the tactics Labour employed during the 1980s.

    I think it says something about a democratic government, that there is so much complaining when a few students get together to peacefully and non abusively protest against the leader of a democracy. I would say elected leader, but lets not go there shall we.

    The fact of the matter is, Labour is old and tired. Unable to face criticism and unable to face responsibility for what is has done to the British public. Blimely if they are going to moan this much at a couple students what are they going to be like when the campaign really starts.

    Labour – both the main party and the grass roots are illequipped to fight and win this election. Their complaints about this protest demonstrate how out of touch with the people they. If they can’t face a little criticism they shouldn’t be in the business of politics and they should get out of Number 10.

  15. Let me make our Labour counterparts aware of a little fact about British politics, something they seem to be forgetting: “Oppositions don’t win elections. Governments lose them”. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t voted in in 1979 because the people liked her neccessarily – indeed she was pretty vague on the policy front and many polls showed the voters didn’t rate her personally – they voted for her because of the wretched state the country was in under Callaghan, it was only in office she earnt the confidence and trust of the electorate.

    When opposition parties win elections it is generally because they are given the benefit of the doubt from the electorate and not an overt display of faith in their manifesto pledges. That is the curse of government you see; you’re the ones who have to prove yourselves because you’re the ones with the power to prove yourselves.

    However close the polls get I am absolutely confident Labour will lose the next election because it is weighed down by its past or as one commentator put it “it reeks of yesterday”. They cannot offer change because to offer change would be to concede that 13 years of Labour has achieved little of benefit for this country and the country is heading in the wrong direction. And when you look at what they have achieved its clear we need a change of direction:

    * An economy in ruins
    * Doubled the national debt
    * Countless lives lost in what are now regarded as pointless and, yes, illegal conflicts,
    * Bringing politics in to disrepute with spin and sleaze and presiding over a, predominantly Labour but yes, cross party expenses scandal which lest we forget was preceded by the F1, dodgy dossier and cash for honors scandals to name but a few,
    *Our international reputation at an all time low, *Social mobility at the lowest levels since records began,
    *Students racked with massive debt,
    *Official unemployment still too high at 2.5 million with many millions more “underemployed” (although this obviously is concealed from the public)
    * Rising inflation and a further erosion of industry

    In short Labour will bequeath a poisoned chalice to whoever wins this election and the country as a whole will be paying the price, quite literally, of this Labour government for many years to come. Part of me is tempted to hope that Labour do win the election so they will have to sort out the mess they’ve made. In doing so the country will see what spineless, superficial, morally and ideologically bankrupt pygmies of politics they actually are. But I like David Cameron and the Conservative Party as a whole believe in this country and know that if Labour get in again the damage inflicted on the country will be even greater when they are finally hacked out of office.

    So hang on to your polls if you like – they mean nothing. The only poll that matters is the general election and I wholeheartedly believe that when the public will take a good long look at the state of the country and politics as a whole, David Cameron will win the benefit of the doubt and a comfortable victory. Oh and just in case you aren’t aware we’ve got a number of pre-election highlights which should stick in the publics mind come election day:

    * Gordon Browns appearance before the Iraq Inquiry
    * 3 Labour MP’s appearing in court on 11 March CHARGED under the Theft Act
    * The Leaders Debates – we’ve seen how confident and charismatic Gordon Brown is under pressure ;P
    *The return of the ridiculous “Tony and Gordon election show”, the most forced and false relationship of modern political times which the country will see right through,
    * And yes im sure more economic statistics will emmerge which will show the country deeper in debt

    All I can say is: BRING. IT. ON.

  16. Well said Dan. Your point about Labour being unable to mount a convincing case for change is spot on.

    I think there is bound to be some flex in the opinion polls. Labour’s assett is that old saying, ‘better the devil you know’. But even so, I’m stil convinced that Labour will lose. Offered five more years of Gordon Brown, I think the people (especially in the crucial marginals) will swing to the Conservatives.

  17. Nah Tim, I wasn’t there but from what I’ve heard it was regarded as a bit pathetic (no offence).

    Anyway Dan onto your points, some people are quite selective of my own, lol!

    “* An economy in ruins”-You mean a GLOBAL economy in ruins and you are can’t accuse Britain of being left behind any more, Germany stagnated and (correct me if I’m wrong on this particular point) France back in recession.

    “* Doubled the national debt”-Funny, the IMF, the CBI and nearly every major political party and government in the world argued that this was the only viable option at the time. And don’t forget, below the EU average proportionally when it comes to debt in terms of GDP.

    “* Bringing politics in to disrepute with spin and sleaze and presiding over a, predominantly Labour but yes, cross party expenses scandal which lest we forget was preceded by the F1, dodgy dossier and cash for honours scandals to name but a few,”-Well, I certainly don’t think it was a Labour scandal predominantly, yes there are more Labour MPs, but somehow cleaning out the moat seems to cost a bit more than tins of dog food. And mentioning Labour scandals, you can’t say the Tories are not without their own, Cash for Questions and Osborne in Corfu to name just 2 I can think off the top of my head.

    “*Students racked with massive debt,”-Funny, wasn’t one of Dave’s first acts as leader to support top up fees?

    “*Official unemployment still too high at 2.5 million with many millions more “underemployed” (although this obviously is concealed from the public)”-Of course it’s too high, but it could be far worse, not only is it lower than expected already but it’s predicted to be half a million(!) less than it was than the previous 2 recessions. Not to mention that the UK population has grown since the last recession meaning even if it was top the last recessions numbers it would still be proportionally lower. Not to mention the fact that we have one of the lowest proportionate unemployment rates anywhere in the world.

    “we’ve seen how confident and charismatic Gordon Brown is under pressure ;P”-And we’ll see if Dave’s 3 policies will hold up to 3 debates (I’m guessing arguing one a debate, criticise brown for a bit and then talk about how “great” he is for half an hour). :p

  18. Of course, you could be bankrolled by someone who has non-dom status, despite promising to rectify that 10 years ago……

  19. Non doms? Oh no he di’n’t lol… Lets have a little look shall we:

    Donations to parties by non-doms, 2001 and 2008 – Labour – £8.9million
    Tories – £5.6million
    Lib Dems – £3 million

    Many sources suggest that Labour have actually accepted over £10 million in donations from a dozen non doms including leading businessmen Mittal and Cohen. This, allied with the fact they have an abhorrent history when it comes to money and political corruption (eg: F1 exemption from the smoking ban after a £1 million donation to Labour, the cash for honours, Mandleson’s countless corruption scandals,3 labour MP’s being charged under the theft act for their expenses etc etc…) means Labour can get off their high hourse because they are in no way “morally superior” if anything they are ten times worse.

    As for the non party, aka the Lib Dems, they’re hardly whiter than white. Lest we forget that in 2007 it was alleged that one of their biggest donors, Alpha Healthcare, is run by a company called Harberry Investments, registered in the British Virgin Islands, an offshore tax haven. when Chris stood for the leadership of the LibDems in 2006 he accepted a donation of £10,000 from a company headed by a French-born businessman alleged to be non-domiciled.

    Also in 2005 the LibDems pocketed £2.4million from a businessman called Michael Brown – not only was Mr Brown’s company not doing business in Britain at the time, seemingly making his donation impermissible under funding rules, he was also convicted of fraud in 2008 but vanished last year before being sentenced to seven months in jail. Some of his victims claim the LibDems received stolen money.

    So for other parties to slam the Tories for accepting money from a non dom is hypocracy of the highest form. Its dirty politics and a way of deflecting attention from their own imperfect financial dealings. Cameron is a party leader who has stuck his head above the parapet and pledged to block anyone from sitting at Westminster if they are not a full UK taxpayer. I can’t see any such pledges from other parties, only bitching and hypocracy. So zip it lol.

  20. A ‘pathetic’ protest that has caused a great deal many people to write about it and a great deal many people to talk about it.
    Coverage from the Evening Standard, Sky News, BBC News
    Countless blogs and articles online with photos and footage also,

    Looks like our ‘pathetic’ protest worked then

  21. “Looks like our ‘pathetic’ protest worked then”

    Are you a consultant for ‘Fathers for Justice’?

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